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Plastic Fabrication for Storm Damage Repair and Recovery

FabShapes is proud to be able to provide much-needed plastic fabrication for storm damage repair and recovery. As communities receive hurricane recovery or federal aid funds, contractors are called upon to fix the damage left in the storm’s wake. In many cases, large amounts of material are required to address the issues. 

Storms may leave businesses closed, roads impassable, and individuals displaced from their homes. During such an emergency, a fast turnaround time for storm damage repair is crucial. Products and solutions from FabShapes help get residents back in their homes, workers back to work, and the damaged community back to normal as quickly as possible.

hurricane which causes companies and businesses to need plastic fabrication and materials for storm damage repair and recovery

Manufacturers, municipalities, and emergency management agencies can be proactive by building a relationship with a local plastic fabrication company that they can contact for assistance.

Disaster Recovery Services through Plastic Fabrication

Natural disasters due to flooding, high winds, and more can come at any time, as can damage due to human error. Having an emergency management plan in place will help businesses and government agencies recover quickly and efficiently.

In addition to getting the community on solid ground again, the urgency involves cost factors. Delays in production will lead to greater expenses for those in the manufacturing and industrial industries, as well as for emergency management programs.

At FabShapes, we understand the importance of avoiding delays, so we take your needs for plastic fabrication for storm damage and repairs as seriously as you do. Repairing complex structures that were damaged requires the experience and expertise our customers have come to expect.

FabShapes offers numerous possibilities to meet these needs. Our fabrication services include acrylic welding, general assembly, heat bending, flame polishing, and more, so we will implement a suitable solution to repair the damage.

Disaster Preparedness, Prevention, and Cleanup

Having a relationship with a reliable plastic fabrication company is an important factor in your disaster preparedness and prevention plan.  Plastic materials are versatile solutions for prevention, preparedness, and clean up, and your agency may wish to take preemptive steps long before a disaster strikes.

For instance, this year the U.S. Embassy in Haiti launched disaster preparedness measures at the start of the Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June 1 to November 30 every year. Among many other strategies, these precautions included stockpiling emergency relief supplies such as hygiene kits, plastic sheeting, water containers, and shelter repair kits. Plastics are needed before, during, and after a disaster.

For example, polycarbonate plastic is extremely resistant to damage, so it is ideal for hurricane window covers and shutters, as well as motorcycle windshields. At the same time, it is not as dangerous as glass if it does break. Therefore, it can protect windows and individuals from flying debris or breaking glass caused by high winds. 

In many cases, plastic can be used to minimize the impact of a disaster as it is happening. For instance, hillsides can be covered with polyethylene to redirect the flow of water, preventing the water from soaking into areas where it would cause irreparable damage. As for repair and recovery, there are numerous uses for plastics, such as the development of temporary mobile shelters in the event of extensive damage to a community. 

Plastics may also be used for cleanup of chemical or oil spills. Oil clings to plastic surfaces but does not saturate them. This makes plastic ideal for capturing oil, and plastic tubes and hoses can be used to move oil after collection. Plastics can also be used to keep medical supplies, clothing, and food dry during shipment. 

As long as your disaster preparedness plan is easily accessible by owners and managers within your organization, you can respond quickly to natural or manmade disasters. Among other necessary documentation and resources relevant to your specific industry, remember to address the following in your disaster preparedness plan:

  • Information and steps as far as disaster recovery services, including contractors’ contact information
  • Copies of insurance policies and other critical documents in a fireproof plastic safe, as well as documentation of how to find and access the safe
  • Information about signage that may be needed to stop employees and visitors from entering your facility after the damage
  • A list of emergency medical supplies that should be updated on a regular basis, including flashlights, batteries, emergency generators, patching materials such as plastic sheeting, and first aid kits.

Reliable Solutions for Disaster Recovery

If you are looking for plastic fabrication for storm damage repair and recovery, you can rely on FabShapes. Our facility features state-of-the-art technology that we can utilize to create optimal solutions for emergencies.  We will complete your project on time and to your specifications, ensuring that you or your client can get back to normal as soon as possible.

Based in Tipp City, Ohio, our plastic fabrication company serves the entire Midwest and East Coast. Call us for more information, or request a free quote through our website.