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Plastic Fabricators For Military & Armored Vehicles

Quality Plastic Materials Are Essential For Military Hardware

Plastic fabricators for military vehicles fulfill an important role in components and hardware. Armored vehicles are designed to provide a high level of protection for members of the armed forces, government representatives, businesses that need to transport cash or valuables, and anyone who requires ground transportation with an extra level of security. There are several different components necessary to make these vehicles secure enough to perform this job effectively. And strong, custom made materials are key to helping high level officials carry out missions safely and effectively. 

Quality plastic materials are essential for providing the high level of protection that is necessary in military and armored vehicles. A custom plastics fabricator can help you choose the most effective materials and customize them to suit your specific needs. Here are some of the key areas where plastic fabricators for military grade components can help you when it comes to armored and military vehicles. 


Automotive windows can sometimes serve as a vulnerable point in vehicles. If the material isn’t strong and able to withstand high impact, then the vehicle cannot be expected to do its job effectively. Not only do windows serve as a protective barrier, but they’re also an important part of a vehicle’s structure. If they shatter, crack, or are otherwise compromised, then the rest of the vehicle’s exterior may not be able to hold up as well in the case of a collision or high impact. 

A plastics fabricator that works with military grade materials can help you add protective glazing systems to your armored vehicle’s windows. Unlike traditional automotive glass, this glazing is designed to hold multiple layers of material together even if the window is struck by a fast moving object, whether it’s caused by a blast, debris, or even ballistic rounds.


In a similar fashion, windshields created specifically by dedicated plastic fabricators are essential for providing a high level of protection in a wide array of instances. This pane is often one of the most vulnerable parts of a vehicle, since it tends to be larger than side windows. It is also one of the most important components when it comes to providing strong operator protection. 

Not only do armored vehicle windshields need to be able to withstand direct fire and blast fragments, but they also need to provide a high level of visibility so the vehicle operator can actually see clearly enough to operate the vehicle safely. Armored vehicle glazing that uses strong and high quality plastics is able to provide unbeatable clarity along with that added protection that operators need. 

By working with a plastic fabricator that specializes in parts for military and armored vehicles, you can enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to vehicle windshields — unmatched safety and impact resistance paired with crystal clear visibility. These windshields are available in a variety of different materials, so your supplier can help you choose the option that best suits your needs depending on the level of impact your vehicle’s windshield may need to withstand. 

Gunner Shields

Specifically in the case of military vehicles, strong plastic components are also essential for gunner shields that are designed to go around weaponry in order to provide extra protection for operators who might otherwise be left exposed. In military situations, operating these mounted weapons can be a very dangerous job if the proper shielding is not in place. 

Laminated plastics that include polycarbonate are designed to absorb the impact of ballistic rounds, and the material doesn’t shatter like glass and create sharp, dangerous pieces of debris. It’s important to note that no material is fully “bullet proof.” Every surface will eventually break down when struck with enough force over a long enough period of time. However, plastics used for military grade laminations are designed to hold up to a significant amount of force, providing a high level of protection for operators even when exposed to direct fire or debris from nearby blasts. 

Agency Vehicles

Strong materials aren’t just essential for providing protection in war zones. Agency vehicles that are designed to transport government representatives, diplomats, or valuable assets need to provide a strong level of protection against a variety of threats. These vehicles often benefit from including strong, protective components that don’t stand out, allowing the vehicle to travel through highly populated areas without drawing a ton of unwanted attention. 

Some of the important protective elements may include windows, windshields, protective barriers inside the vehicle, and glazing around the rest of the exterior. These systems provide peace of mind to officials traveling in hostile regions as well as those who may face threats at home. These protective components also provide peace of mind to those traveling or taking on important missions.

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