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Plastic Machining Companies Such As Polymershapes Are Green Minded With Recyclable Products

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Plastic machining companies are taking steps towards a greener future. Today’s consumers and businesses are more conscious about environmental issues than ever before. This means that manufacturing and plastic fabrication companies need to be incredibly intentional about the material suppliers and vendors they choose to work with to ensure that sustainability goals are met. 

Companies that deal with plastic machining & fabrication can make a positive impact on the environment simply by opting for materials that are able to be recycled after use. This not only makes end products more sustainable, but it can also lower the amount of waste that your facility produces and give you an easy solution for disposing of scraps and unused plastic. 

If you’re looking for such a solution for your operations, Polymershapes is a plastic distributor &  fabrication vendor that offers a wide selection of recyclable products that provide more sustainable solutions for a variety of applications. These include products like rigid boards and rollable digital media for signage. We also have a recycling support program to help companies eliminate scrap and make on-site recycling processes as easy as possible. 

If you’re looking to make your company and your plastic fabrication processes as environmentally friendly as possible, here’s what you need to know about these sustainability initiatives from Polymershapes.


What Your Company Can Do

Companies that fabricate plastic products and parts should focus on sustainability from a couple of different angles. The first step is to choose products from vendors that offer materials that can be easily recycled. Polymershapes makes this step easy by offering a wide selection of sustainable products that are easy to recycle into new, usable plastic products. 

From there, you also need to create processes for actually getting those scraps or components to recycling facilities. During the fabrication and production process, you’re likely to be left with some pieces that are not included in the end products. Those parts can and should be recycled so they don’t end up in landfills and require manufacturers to expend unnecessary energy making all new products. 


What Products Are Eligible for Recycling Support?

Polymershapes also offers a recycling support program that is designed to make recycling as easy as possible through our nationwide network of facilities. Here’s how it works: First, Polymershapes provides Gaylord containers that you can use to easily deposit scraps that you no longer need. Then once the containers are full, you simply notify Polymershapes and we’ll come to your facility to haul them away and deliver brand new ones so you can continue recycling. And we’ll take the scraps you turn in and re-process them so they can get new life as brand new and usable plastic materials. 

If you’re interested in making use of this recycling support option, you can use it with our sustainable graphics and sign materials. These include products such as rigid boards and rollable digital media. The availability of this program varies by location. So get in touch with your local Polymershapes vendor to discuss getting started and to make sure that the products you use are eligible for the program. 


How a Green Focus Benefits the Environment

Recycling in general has been shown to benefit the environment in a number of different ways. First, it reduces the need to mine for or produce raw materials used in manufacturing. This helps to conserve materials that are only available in finite quantities. And it also reduces the amount of energy needed to produce items from start to finish. 

When it comes to plastic fabrication specifically, recycling parts and scraps from the manufacturing process can also eliminate air pollution and reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses produced. Since many landfills and garbage facilities incinerate trash, plastics that are simply disposed of can emit harmful gasses that end up in the atmosphere. Recycling allows facilities to dispose of plastics in a responsible way that cuts down on pollution, waste, and energy usage. 

Not only does this reduce the need for new materials, but it can also reduce the amount of energy output used in the production process. It depends on the specific items being recycled and those being produced. But it is often easier to turn recycled plastic scraps into new plastic materials than it is to produce those items from scratch. This can also lead to decreased production costs over time. 

Of course, recycling and sustainability initiatives from companies aren’t just beneficial for the environment. They can also benefit the companies and organizations in question from a marketing standpoint. Environmental issues are at the forefront of many conversations today, meaning that many end users are specifically looking to do businesses with companies that have recycling and sustainability programs. 

If you’re looking for a plastic vendor that can help you meet all of your sustainability goals, look no further than Polymershapes. We distribute a variety of plastic  products, including sheets, rods, tubes, film, signage, and associated products. With more than 70 years of industry-leading heritage, our team of knowledgeable and highly trained sales and customer service professionals are ready to help you find the exact products and solutions your company needs. We also have a nationwide network of stocking facilities, so customers always have access to an extensive inventory just around the corner. Many of our customers can even enjoy next-day delivery. For those who need to customize orders, we offer plenty of conversion capabilities, including cut-to-size sheets, film reel conversion, and CNC routing and machining. We’re also committed to innovating and refining our processes regularly to help our customers get the exact solutions they need. To get in touch with a local distributor and find the recyclable and sustainable solutions that fit your needs, visit the branch locator on our website.