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Plastic Window Film

Window Plastic Film is commonly made from polyester, or Polyethylene Teraphthalate (PET). Polyethylene Terephthalate – known as PET or Polyester– is a thermoplastic polyester that can be amorphous, crystalline, or a mixture of both, depending on how it is processed. All forms provide good chemical resistance and durability.  Polymershapes offers both Polyester Sheet, and Polyester Film, along with rod and tube.

Plastic Window film offers exceptional energy savings and many times is applied for safety reasons. Shrink film kits for insulation are offered today in many hardware sections, and the film contained inside the kits are traditionally plastic polyester film, PVC film, or Polypropylene film.

Decorative films are commonly also applied for aesthetics reasons, and graphic branding. Plastic Film for windows comes in one large roll or thin plastic sheet, and it is easy to cut, apply and re position. All that is needed to apply in some cases is a low heat blowing source.

Order your window plastic film from Polymershapes. We offer competitive prices on plastic film products and our network of stocking facilities, located throughout the Americas, enables our customers access to extensive local inventory from world-class supplier partners, and we can provide same day delivery in many areas.