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Working with a Plastic Windshields Company for Military, Forestry, and Construction Equipment

Ensuring that windshields for military, forestry, and construction equipment are strong, safe, and impact-resistant is crucial. Modern plastic windshields companies must be open to innovative methods for making parts more durable than ever yet easy to repair, install, and maintain.

sheet material made by plastic windshields company

While passenger vehicle windshields and windows must be primarily made of glass or tempered glass, plastics materials are often used for construction equipment, for forestry machines, and for laminates for military equipment.

Powerful windshields are essential to protect users, as well as to keep companies from spending more money than necessary to repair damages.

Windshield Materials

Front windshields of passenger vehicles are made of laminated safety glass, which consists of plastic between two layers of glass. The three layers are sealed together and heated for the purpose of bonding them together. Laminated safety glass is designed not to shatter but to crack into a spiderweb pattern when it is impacted.

All passenger vehicles sold in the United States are required to have safety glass in the front windshield. Tempered glass — which shatters into tiny, harmless pieces upon impact — can be used for the rear windshield and side windows.

Plastics for Construction, Forestry, and Military Equipment Windshields

On the other hand, using polycarbonate for construction, forestry, and military equipment windshields is ideal because these materials are durable yet lighter than glass. Polycarbonate can also be formed into the shapes you need, and it is significantly more impact-resistant than glass. 

Polycarbonate offers similar benefits, and it’s even more impact-resistant than acrylic. Some polycarbonate products are made to withstand the impact from bullets, making polycarbonate parts a smart solution for military equipment. Other benefits include a high resistance to chips and cracks, as well as easier fabrication, bending, and drilling.

Working with a Plastic Windshields Company for Equipment Development

The use of durable plastic materials for military, forestry, and construction equipment windshields goes beyond protecting users from the elements. It also protects the costly equipment, some of which undergo constant wear and tear by virtue. 

Military equipment, for instance, must be able to withstand significant impact in order to keep users safer in the face of threats, debris, and collisions. The investment into reliable military equipment is extensive, so there are rigorous standards for their development.

The same is true for construction and forestry equipment, which must stand up to the elements as well as heavy loads.

As you are looking for a plastic windshields company for military, construction, and forestry equipment, it’s important to find one that knows how to implement modern plastics technology and advancements. 

We have provided this service to these industries for many years, and we are proud to do so with high-quality materials and exceptional turnaround times. Contact us for a quote or to learn more about how advancements in plastics technology can help your business.