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Capabilities of Plexiglass Fabricators: Exploring Your Options

Plexiglass fabricators open up endless possibilities for many industries. From the automotive, construction, and agricultural industries to the military, energy, retail, and manufacturing fields, plexiglass can be used as a strong, durable, and lighter solution for equipment and everyday use.

As you are looking for plexiglass fabricators to work with your team, take the time to explore the types of software and CNC machines they will use to complete your projects. When it comes to efficiency and excellent results, the tools and the team make the difference. 

Plexiglass sneeze guard barrier

Machining and Technology for Modern Plexiglass Fabrication

Modern software, powerful CNC machines, and the right team can help you take your plexiglass fabrication projects to the next level.

Plexiglass is a versatile, durable, lightweight, and cost-effective plastic that is ideal for many products and surfaces. Commonly sold in sheets, it is available in a wide variety of colors, opacities, and thicknesses. Through plexiglass fabrication processes, it can be formed into many shapes and sizes.

Two additional benefits of using plexiglass are its transparency and the fact that it does not reflect light as much as regular glass, effectively reducing glare. Plexiglass also collects less dirt than regular glass, and it can stand up to the elements well.

The words “plexiglass” and “acrylic” are often used interchangeably, but plexiglass is actually one type of acrylic. “Plexiglass” is a generic word that refers to a few different products, including the brands Plexiglas, Acrylite, Crylux, Lucite, and Perspex.

Often used in place of glass, plexiglass is made of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), a transparent thermosoftening plastic. It becomes moldable when it reaches an extremely high temperature, and it then turns solid when it is cooled. 

Some common uses for plexiglass include:

  • Barriers and sneeze guards
  • Signage and retail displays
  • Window panes
  • Photo frames and plaques
  • Backlights, such as those used at athletic fields

AutoCAD, or computer-aided design, software enables our professionals and your team to create precise 2D and 3D drawings. This smart technology offers automation that can compare and contrast drawings, and it can be customized with add-on apps and application programming.

Benefits of Working With an Established Plexiglas Distributor

Advantages of working with an established plexiglass distributor include specialized support, attention to detail, and respect for your timelines.

Our experienced team of plexiglass fabricators use powerful CNC machinery to complete your projects, and our skilled craftsmanship ensures that you get the results your clients deserve. Our team is committed to excellence, and we think of the products we produce as artwork.

We provide CNC machining and plexiglass fabrication services for many industries, including:

  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Energy, oil and gas, and alternative fuel
  • Automotive and transportation
  • Construction
  • General manufacturing
  • Medical

Armed with the expertise gleaned from decades of work within the plastic industry, our team can help you identify the most ideal solutions and materials to use for your projects. Contact us if you want to know more about our plexiglass distribution and fabrication processes.