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Plexiglass Windows

plexiglass windows
Plexiglass Windows

Polymershapes is thrilled to be the go-to choice for plexiglass windows for contractors around the country. Acrylic Plexiglass, also known as acrylic sheeting, is a popular choice in manufacturing and construction for its similarities to glass. For the highest quality product that plastic suppliers can provide, look no further than Polymershapes. Find a branch near you to get started.

What similarities can you find between glass and Acrylic Plexiglass? First, Acrylic Plexiglass features the brilliance and translucent clarity that glass offers but is far better in weatherability. Furthermore, it has better at resisting impact and UV rays. These factors contribute to the ever-growing popularity of plexiglass windows.

For a customized look for Acrylic Plexiglass windows, choose from different coatings, colors, and grades. Polymershapes features various materials to enhance Acrylic Plastic, adding elements that make it reflective, scratch resistant, or anti-fog. Choose from colors such as gray, black, white, bronze, or sign colors. The following grades are available: General Purpose, Non-glare, Digital Print, Mirror, Impact Modified, Frost, LED Sign, Aerospace, and Frame Grade.

Polymershapes offers professional solutions in the form of a variety of value-add products and services. Our state of the art facilities provide convenience and excellent service to ensure your relations with Polymershapes is nothing less than superb.

Acrylic Plexiglass is seldom purchased without having it personalized to the shape, functionality, and dimensions that you desire. Polymershapes offers fabrication services to help ensure your Acrylic Plexiglass windows arrive just the way you want them.

Our approach to fabrication helps reduce turnaround and helps you receive your order faster. All fabrication facilities and branches feature Computerized Numeric Control (CNC) production saws which allow for cutting with tighter tolerances and use of multiple sheeting stacking for high volume production. This reduces turn time and part optimization, gains the maximum yield from the sheet, reduces waste and minimizes cost.

Business owners who are actively seeking to reduce their carbon footprint will appreciate Polymershapes recycling services. Our recycling support aids clients in managing their waste more effectively and economically. Contact us today to learn more about our recycling services.

Ensure your business is using the highest quality plexiglass windows. Choose Polymershapes for the highest quality Acrylic Plexiglass windows and all of your plastic suppliers needs.