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Polycarbonate Custom Cut Material For Your Application

Polycarbonate custom cut is one of the strongest and most powerful thermoplastics available. It’s used in a huge array of applications, from protective paneling used in armored vehicles to machine guards in manufacturing facilities that use lots of heavy equipment. 

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If you use performance plastics for any of your company’s applications, you’re probably already at least somewhat familiar with the basic qualities of polycarbonate. But what makes this material truly versatile for a wide array of applications, sizes, and uses, is its customizability. 

Polycarbonate custom cut plastics can come in a seemingly endless array of sizes thanks to quality machining and fabrication equipment. And the material can even be customized further with processes like routing and drilling. If you’re interested in exploring the many uses of this high performance plastic, here’s a guide to polycarbonate custom cut plastics. 

Polycarbonate Custom Cut Plastics

No matter the size, polycarbonate sheets provide excellent impact resistant strength. However, this quality is only useful if your organization can access these sheets in the precise size needed to fit in your applications. For example, a manufacturing facility wouldn’t want to simply prop up a huge sheet of polycarbonate over its heavy equipment and hope it stays in place well enough to protect workers as a machine guard. Instead, polycarbonate custom cut plastics are machined using precision cutting and machining methods. So you outline the exact dimensions needed for polycarbonate sheets to fit into your existing structures, and you get those exact measurements in plastic sheets that are ready to be installed right away. 

There’s a huge array of potential benefits of having access to polycarbonate custom cut plastics. Aside from the high performance properties of polycarbonate, which is offered from top industry names such as LEXAN, the customizability options save businesses significant time and money. These customization services provide you with the exact width and length needed, meaning you don’t need to invest in specialized conversion equipment to prep materials before installing them in your applications. And your team can be more productive by gaining access to the equipment and materials needed right away. 

Polycarbonate custom cut materials can be produced one by one or in bulk, depending on your needs. Additionally, there are many different cutting methods available to provide plastics in various forms. When choosing a plastics supplier for your polycarbonate custom cut materials, look for customizations such as: 

  • Cut To Size Sheets: For applications that do not require a full 4’ x 8’ sheet, or for users who would like the convenience of pre-cut polycarbonate sheets, any of our facilities can saw cut sheets of polycarbonate down to smaller sizes.
  • Reel Cutting: This method is often used for extended lengths of polycarbonate. The material is cut straight from master reels, providing the exact length needed. It can then be shipped as a flat sheet or in a roll. It’s also available in a wide array of gauges depending on the thickness needed for your applications.
  • Trimming and Squaring: Polycarbonate sheets can also be guillotine cut on all four sides to ensure that each individual piece is trimmed to your exact specifications. This method is ideal for polycarbonate with a width of .060″ or less, and for companies that need this material in individual sheets. 
  • Film Sheeting: For those who need very thin rolls of polycarbonate, film conversion may be the perfect customization for you. These extra thin film sheets can be trimmed and squared using a guillotine, which allows for extremely precise tolerances. Interleaving services can also help to separate sheets before they are shrink packaged and shipped. 
  • Film Slitting: In addition, master rolls of film can be cut down to create smaller rolls, providing film sheets that are more narrow in width and/or shorter in length. This is ideal for those who need access to bulk polycarbonate film rolls. 

Other Customization Options for Polycarbonate Custom Cut Plastics

In addition to cutting these sheets to the proper size, polycarbonate custom cut plastics can be further fabricated using an array of techniques. These options can help with shaping or preparing plastic sheets for use in very specific applications. Here are some specific fabrication services that may be of interest: 

  • CNC Routing: CNC routing offers tight tolerances to create precision parts in a wide array of sizes. These machines use camera guided cutting and routing to manipulate materials with specific profiles and superior edge quality.
  • Drilling: Drill press services create holes in polycarbonate sheets and a variety of other plastics. This option is ideal for prototyping and small part runs. 
  • Plastic Edge Finishing and Polishing: After polycarbonate sheets are cut-to-size, diamond polishing, and other edge finishing services can smooth the rough areas where the materials were cut. 
  • Plastic Bending: Plastic bending utilizes heat strips or manual or hydraulic presses to bend sheets into 90 degree angles, odd angles, or even subtle bends and arches.
  • Assembly: Once your finished parts have been cut, routed, bent, and/or finished, cementing or welding can be used to affix multiple pieces together to form a final part. 
  • Die Cutting: Die cutting is ideal for films or thin gauge sheets. This process is ideal for producing large volumes of plastic components quickly and accurately.

If your business or organization could benefit from polycarbonate custom cut products, Polymershapes can help. We provide a one-stop shop for polycarbonate sheets in an array of gauges, and we offer additional value-added services to provide quick and precise customizations. Our local facilities are conveniently located throughout the country, featuring state of the art technology and experienced teams ready to help with all your plastic needs. So if you’re ready to reap the benefits of polycarbonate custom cut plastics, visit our website to find and reach out to your local branch today.