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Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels

polycarbonate hurricane panelsPolycarbonate hurricane panels are preferred over wood, and other types protective panels when storms are close. Clear polycarbonate sheet has been used as polycarbonate hurricane shutters and boards, since polycarbonate was shown to be incredibly tough and impact resistant. Some manufacturers have even capitalized on strong, tough polycarbonate and even came out with entire trademarked lines designed specifically for property owners in areas where storms hit frequently. County and state building codes in states like Florida, have recognized polycarbonate hurricane panels as the preferred material for hurricane storm prep (using polycarbonate material over windows and doors, etc.), as this type of protective paneling can resist impact from large objects and even large missiles, when tested. Corrugated polycarbonate tends to be the preferred polycarbonate material.

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Polycarbonate, also referred to as PC, is a tough, impact-resistant, virtually unbreakable material used in wide variety of applications. It is an amorphous thermoplastic material, with a continuous use temperature range of up to 265° F (129° C). LEXAN™ is one of the most commonly recognized polycarbonate brands.  Polymershapes is the leading North American distributor of LEXAN. Order Lexan plastic and other products from us!

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