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Polycarbonate Panels

polycarbonate panelsSuper tough, impact resistant and nearly transparent Polycarbonate plastic is used to make polycarbonate panels for strong structures and greenhouses. In fact, this type of material is extremely durable against weatherization and warping. It is the preferred material to use in construction of these buildings because it is so much stronger than glass, and almost as transparent.

Polymershapes stocks multiwall polycarbonate sheet for polycarbonate panels, as well as a myriad of other types of polycarb sheeting. Our polycarbonate panels (sheet) can be ordered from any of our 70 + locations across the United States, Mexico and Canada. We stock the standard stocking sizes and custom sizes can be ordered and cut to the size that you need in whatever thickness you’d like.

Not sure that Polycarbonate panels are the right material for your application? If you are looking for a very strong, durable plastic you should consider that polycarbonate material is what makes bulletproof glass effective and resistant to impact. Another reason that you will find polycarbonate panels heavily used in the construction sector is this type of material will allow you to harness the insulating properties that are provided by the sun. This is why they are the preferred greenhouse material. This type of structure makes the energy from the sun available at night.

Order multiwall polycarbonate sheet panels from Polymershapes. We offer the most competitive pricing on high impact polymers such as Polycarbonate. We carry the most widely recognized brand, LEXAN Glass polycarbonate, and virtually all types of industrial plastics. Find out more about High Impact Polystyrene, Plexiglass Windows, polypropylene sheet, Foamboard, ULTEM, and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene.