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Polymershapes Commemorates 75th Anniversary in 2021

Charlotte, NC — January 20, 2021 — Polymershapes is excited to spend 2021 highlighting an important milestone in our history, as we commemorate our 75th Anniversary.

75th Anniversary

The roots of Polymershapes reach back to 1940s, shortly after World War II, when two businesses were formed – Cadillac Plastics, based near Detroit, and Commercial Plastics, founded near Philadelphia, each focused on selling plastic sheet and fabricated parts. These small enterprises grew steadily over the ensuing decades, adding products, capabilities and services, and opening facilities throughout across the globe, to become the two largest distributors in the plastics industry worldwide.

In 1999 & 2000, both companies were acquired by General Electric, and combined into an entity that GE named “GE Polymershapes.” In late 2007, SABIC purchased the GE Plastics business, including Polymershapes, and from 2008 to 2016 the company was known as “SABIC’s Polymershapes”.

Most recently, in November 2016, Polymershapes was purchased by USA-based private ownership, returning to our roots as a family owned business. Today, the Polymershapes network stretches across 80 facilities, and 4 countries, with specialized business units for film (PolymerFilms) and bullet-resistant security glazing (Insulgard™).

For 75 years, the people of Polymershapes have focused on delivering superior service and value to our customers and suppliers. We have continued to broaden our expertise, our portfolio, and our facility network, tirelessly setting new standards for excellence in the plastics distribution industry.

“As we think back to our history, it’s time to celebrate, it’s a time to recognize the folks that got us to this point, and it’s a time to help pass on some of the legacy to newer employees in the business,” said Rick Gough, Chief Operating Officer. “Most importantly, it is a time to start shaping the vision for the decades ahead. We will continue to provide innovative solutions for our customers and suppliers, take care of our employees and their families, be responsible stewards of our environment, and help shape a better, safer world through performance plastics.”

We are grateful to our vast array of partners for choosing Polymershapes, and are unwavering in our commitment to deliver industry-leading expertise every day, with every order – assuring our customers and suppliers are the Center of All We Do.