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ABS/PVC blend sheet, such as Boltaron, offers some of the best aspects of these two common thermoplastics. Excellent for thermoforming applications, it maintains high consistency from lot to lot fabricating, and uniformity in deep draws and sharp corners. With superior impact resistance, and flame resistance ABS/PVC is seen in the aerospace industry, with grades to […]

Benefits of ABS/PVC

<p>Flame Resistant</p>

Flame Resistant

<p>Excellent Formability</p>

Excellent Formability

<p>High Impact Strength</p>

High Impact Strength



Suppliers / Brands

Boltaron® 4335, Boltaron® 6530, Boltaron® 6800E
Royalite™ R57, Royalite™ R59, Royalite™ R63

Common Applications