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Corona Guard™ Face Shields

Multiple designs to choose from.

MIT Project Manus Face Shields

  • MIT Face Shields: MIT Designed. Health Care Professional Tested. Polymershapes Manufactured.
  • Provides up to 45% more coverage than a typical disposable face shield: Forehead protection, Side protection, Under chin protection
  • Quick assembly to 3D shield in 60 seconds
  • Designed to fit over: Eyewear, N95 respirator, Surgical mask
  • Low Cost and Disposable
  • 1-piece, ship flat design
  • Crystal Clear plastic
  • Foam available
  • Learn more about these MIT designed face shields and how to order

Corona Guard™ Face Shield Over Safety Glasses

  • Cost-affordable PPE
  • Attach to safety glasses with simple slip-over feature
  • Crystal-clear transparency
  • Disposable

Corona Guard™ Face Shield w Industrial Band

  • Cost-affordable PPE
  • Interlocking plastic band to hold shield in place
  • Crystal-clear transparency
  • Disposable

Corona Guard™ Face Shield w Comfort Zone

  • For day to day use (longer lasting)
  • Foam insert for comfort is standard
  • Easy to clean
  • Custom logo available

Common Applications