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Corona Guard™ Framed Systems

To provide support for larger protection systems or barriers, we have created durable framing systems.

Aluminum framing systems are:

Benefits of Corona Guard™ Framed Systems



<p>Rigid and durable</p>

Rigid and durable

<p>Easy to install with pre-drilled panels and fasteners</p>

Easy to install with pre-drilled panels and fasteners

<p>Rubberized feet to keep in place</p>

Rubberized feet to keep in place

Corona Guard™ Table Top Protective Shield Adjustable

  • Crystal-clear shield
  • Simple installation with double-sided adhesive or use pre-drilled holes in aluminum frame for more permanent installation
  • Adjustable to allow flush mount to counter or select pass through height
  • SKU CGPS-APS24X32 - 24”Wide X 32”Tall
  • SKU CGPS-APS36X32 - 36”Wide X 32”Tall

Corona Guard™ Single Pane Wall Partition

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to move
  • Easy to clean
  • Free standing
  • Choice of panel type
  • Option to order with Casters
  • Without Casters: SKU CGWP-ASP48X72 48”Wide X 72”Tall
  • With Casters: SKU CGWP-ASP48X72-C 48”Wide X 72”Tall

Corona Guard™ Double Pane Wall Partition

  • Create cubicle space by using our double pane wall partition includes a side and back wall
  • SKU CGWP-ADP48X72 - 48”Wide X 72”Tall

Wall Systems

Use as many Double Pane Wall partitions as needed

Add 1 single Pane Wall Partition to complete enclosed area

Select your pane based off the look you want

Economy White – SKU PP/PVC

Transparent Thermoclear Fluted – SKU MWALL

Translucent Frosted Acrylic – SKU AFST

Common Applications