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Corona Guard™ Personal Partitions

Personal Partitions are designed to act as table dividers for cafeterias, break rooms, and restaurants. In small areas, social distancing is difficult to practice. With their interlocking design, they are easy to assemble, can evenly divide a table and remain upright without extra hardware. They are made of plastic materials that are completely clear and won’t obscure or impede vision in any way, and can help bring back a sense of normalcy by allowing face-to-face interactions over mealtimes or small meetings.

Portable divider walls are available as complete kits that consist of a main divider and one or more side dividers — slide them together via their interlocking slots to form the portable divider wall. Depending on the selected size, one or more side dividers come in the system. For systems with more than 2 sheets, a cap will be included for each section to increase stability. Each design creates a personal space approximately 24” X 30”.

Corona Guard™ 4 Person Table Top (Style 1 Square Table)

  • Fits diagonally on a 48” X 48” square table
  • 2 pcs cut interlock 59”Wide X 24”Tall
  • Overall dimension 59” X 59" X 24”

Corona Guard™ 4 Person Table Top (Style 2 Round Table)

  • Fits a 48” X 48” round table
  • 2 pcs interlock 47”Wide X 24”Tall
  • Overall dimension 47” X 47” X 24”

Corona Guard™ 4 Person Table Top (Style 3 Rectangle Table)

  • Fits 36” x 72” rectangular table
  • 3 pcs 32”Wide X 24”Tall
  • Overall dimension 32” X 32” X 24”

Corona GuardT™ 6 Person Table Top (Rectangular Table)

  • Fits 36” X 96” rectangular table
  • 1 pc 56”Wide X 24”Tall + 2 pcs 32”Wide X 24”Tall
  • Overall dimension 32” X 56" X 24”

Need additional caps?

Caps can be used with this system or creating your own system — SKU CGPP-CAP

Not seeing the size you need?

Custom sizes are available upon request. Call 866-437-7427 for information and pricing.

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