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Corona Guard™ Protection Shields

Protection Shields are a great way to protect people that need to be closer than social distancing guidelines allow.

We have a variety of styles to cover your needs. Whether it’s something you need to move easily or if you desire a more permanent solution, we have it!

Benefits of Corona Guard™ Protection Shields

<p>Crystal clear</p>

Crystal clear



<p>Easy to clean</p>

Easy to clean

<p>Simple to install</p>

Simple to install

<p>Shatter resistant</p>

Shatter resistant

Corona Guard™ Free Standing With Base Stands

  • Free standing on any flat surface
  • 2 removable base stands slip into place for easy assembly
  • Pass through opening for transaction
  • SKU CGPS-F24X32 – 24”Wide x 32”Tall
  • SKU CGPS-F36X32 – 36”Wide x 32”Tall

Corona Guard™ Free Standing With Support Mounts

  • Free standing on any flat surface
  • Secure tabs with double sided adhesive or affix with screws and fasteners
  • Pass through opening for transaction
  • SKU CGPS-M24X32 – 24”Wide x 32”Tall
  • SKU CGPS-M32X48 – 32”Wide x 48”Tall

Corona Guard™ Hanging

  • Suspends from ceiling
  • 1⁄2” holes at top of shield to suspend with S hooks
  • Pass through opening adjustable based on installation height
  • SKU CGPS-H24X32 24”Wide x 32”Tall

Corona Guard™ Cashier Window Mount

  • Customer facing installation (side mount)
  • Secure with double- sided adhesive or use 4 pre-drilled holes with fasteners
  • Full protection barrier
  • SKU CGPS-C36X32 – 36”Wide x 32”Tall

Protective Shields available in Standard & Premium Grade* Materials

* Premium Grade Options provides scratch resistance and prevents damage from frequent cleaning with harsh chemicals

Not seeing the size you need?

Custom sizes are available upon request. Call 866-437-7427 for information and pricing.

Common Applications