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Fabrics / Textiles

Fabrics and textile media are making waves in the graphics industry. With grades available for dye-sublimation, latex, and UV printing, technology advances have made textiles an option for many existing graphics applications.

Benefits of Fabrics / Textiles



<p>Vivid graphics</p>

Vivid graphics

<p>Recyclable grades</p>

Recyclable grades

<p>Wrinkle & crease resistant</p>

Wrinkle & crease resistant

<p>Indoor/Outdoor applications</p>

Indoor/Outdoor applications

<p>Fire-resistant grades</p>

Fire-resistant grades

<p>Dye-sublimation, latex, and UV printing</p>

Dye-sublimation, latex, and UV printing

<p>Back-lit, front-lit and blockout</p>

Back-lit, front-lit and blockout

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