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nanoDefense™ – A Self Cleaning Surface Film

Polymershapes is proud to offer nanoDefense™ Self Cleaning Surface films!

nanoDefense is a proprietary coating technology that creates a Photocatalytic effect in the presence of light to continuously clean its surface from contaminants.

nanoDefense™ Film for Common Touch-points

nanoDefense™ is applied to a film substrate with an adhesive backing which can be applied to common touch points to prevent the growth and spread of organic contaminants.

nanoDefense Self Cleaning Surface Films are ideal for a variety of environments:

Benefits of nanoDefense



<p>Elevator buttons</p>

Elevator buttons



<p>Touchscreen kiosks</p>

Touchscreen kiosks

<p>Self-service items</p>

Self-service items

<p>Mass transit</p>

Mass transit

Product Options

  • Professional Grade Self Cleaning Surface Film
    • Intended for low to medium traffic environments
    • Recognizable by its green printed color
    • Indoor and Outdoor versions available
    • Clear films for touchscreens
  • Industrial Grade Self Cleaning Surface Film
    • Intended for High traffic environments
    • Recognizable by its silver printed color
    • Indoor and Outdoor versions available
    • Added abrasion resistance
    • Clear films for touchscreens
  • Printable Films
    • Second surface printable clear films allow custom branding or messaging
    • Print ready for HP Indigo, UV digital inkjet systems or screen printing
    • Professional and Industrial grades available
    • 12” x 18” sheets

Large: 17.25” x 3.60”
Small: 11.88” x 3.43”

Horizontal: 8.63” x 3.75”
Vertical: 5.88” x 8.63”

Small: 2.88” x 4.00”
Medium: 4.00” x 5.88”
Large: 3.75” x 8.63”

Touchscreens: 12” x 18”
Handles and Wraps: 11.88” x 17.25”

Common Applications

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the nanoDefense self cleaning surface film intended to do?

    nanoDefense is a recognizable, replaceable film substrate that has a proprietary coating which activates in the presence of light to create a self cleaning surface. It is intended for use on high touch surfaces in lighted areas where the coating works to continuously to remove contaminants.

  • How does the nanoDefense Surface work?

    One of the components of the coating is a mineral called titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide acts as a photocatalyst, when activated by light. This photocatalytic effect produces Hydroxl radicals that have 2 times the oxidizing power of bleach. This oxidation breaks down organic contaminants at the cellular level into harmless byproducts.

  • What do you mean by "self-cleaning"?

    The nanoDefense surface continuously oxidizes organic contaminants at the cellular level. It is important to remember that light must be able to reach the surface for the process to work. Wiping away anything that would prevent light from reaching the film will allow nanoDefenseTM to continuously self clean.

  • How should I clean nanoDefense surfaces?

    nanoDefense surfaces are not affected by traditional non-abrasive cleaners or detergents. We recommend wiping the surface with a non-abrasive cloth and water to remove large-scale contaminants. Do not use harsh cleaners, detergents, or abrasive cleaning utensils that will compromise the coated surface.

  • How do I choose between INDUSTRIAL Grade or Professional Grade products?

    All facilities have areas within them that get touched or used more frequently than others. INDUSTRIAL Grade nanoDefense products are designed to be used in high traffic areas where the surfaces would be touched regularly. The INDUSTRIAL Grade products have longer lasting coatings and are more abrasion resistant. The INDUSTRIAL Grade products will last longer between replacements than the Professional Grade which are intended for low to medium traffic areas.

  • How long do nanoDefense products last?

    We recommend replacing nanoDefense products quarterly at a minimum. The nanoDefense surface does not expire, so the product has a very long lasting shelf life. The product service life is solely dependent on actual physical wear and tear that gradually removes and reduces the effectiveness of the coating.

  • How do I know when to replace nanoDefense surfaces?

    Beyond the recommendation to replace nanoDefense products quarterly the print on nanoDefense products can serve as a wear indicator. If the text or graphics become worn or faded, the coated surface is also becoming worn and it’s time to replace. Also, if the nanoDefense film starts to peel off, we recommend replacement to keep the touch point free from contaminants.