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Richmond Plastics

In addition to being the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Richmond is also the fourth most populated city in the state. During the American Civil War, Richmond served as the permanent capital of the Confederacy. Then at the beginning of the 20th century, it was home to the world’s first successful electric streetcar system. Today, Richmond is primarily known for law, finance and government, with local, state and federal government agencies and notable banking firms located in the downtown area.

Richmond Plastics Provider

With such a large entity of notable law, finance and government sectors located within the city, Polymershapes is proud to be a Richmond plastics provider of blast/bullet/wind resistant materials.

With our line of Insulgard Security Products, we can offer financial institutions, law enforcement buildings and government entities with the materials needed to protect assets, employees and visitors. Our line of versatile, multi-tiered security products include everything from glazing materials and opaque armor to transaction windows, doors, framing systems and speak-thru devices.

Unlike glass, our bullet resistant plastics can offer superior physical protection to your workforce and assets, in addition to being an effective deterrent for thieves and attackers. Our products are specially-designed to protect building occupants in the event of gunfire or an explosion by minimizing glass fragmentation caused on impact. Our materials absorb energy generated by a blast, effectively lessening injuries caused by flying glass shards and other harmful debris.

Our line of architectural security products are also engineered to either blend in or enhance your existing interior environment. We have taken great care to ensure the security of your business and employees while also making sure not to interfere with the customer experience.

Whether you want to protect a bank, law office or government building, Polymershapes can offer you the Richmond plastics and products you need. Our custom-designed solutions are crafted to meet your specific situation, and all of our bullet resistant products and systems are tested to meet UL 752 standards. Our products are suitable for government facilities, commercial buildings and other locations that may have a heightened risk for sustaining ballistic and explosive threats.

When it comes to providing protective Richmond plastics for banking, law and government buildings, trust the experts at Polymershapes.