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Facts about Shaping Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is sturdy, light, and versatile – projects within a number of industries may require precision machining in shaping polycarbonate for a wide variety of applications. A plastic fabrication company with capabilities in shaping polycarbonate will empower your competitive edge and give you quick access to a huge inventory in your industrial sector.

Shaping Polycarbonate

Here are some of the uses in the fabrication of polycarbonate shapes: 

  • Transportation industry plastic components 
  • Lighting, storage, bulkheads in buses and trains
  • Interior panels for vehicles and equipment 
  • Plastic components for the oil and gas industry
  • Construction industry applications
  • Forestry, mining equipment

Reasons to work with an experienced polycarbonate fabricator

FabShapes has years of experience in shaping polycarbonate for windows and other applications. We create products for many different industries, but shaping polycarbonate for commercial, residential, and vehicle windows is one of our specialties.

We take pride in being able to deliver these critical components quickly, and we are confident that our work is of the highest quality every time. We use many different materials and processes in our work, including heat bending, heat stamping, flame polishing, and bonding. As a comprehensive resource for plastic machining and fabrication, we’ll take care of your project from start to finish.

Benefits of LEXAN Polycarbonate

LEXAN is a trusted name in polycarbonates. In fact, it has become synonymous with the word “polycarbonate,” like Formica is to laminate and Q-Tip is to a cotton swab. Benefits of using LEXAN include:

  • Impact resistance that is 250 times greater than that of glass
  • High resistance to heat, acids, and some chemicals
  • The ability to cold form or bend it without heating
  • The ability to drill holes into it
  • A low possibility of catching fire

Your customers need their products quickly, and that means you are under pressure to finish everything you can as soon as possible. We understand how you feel, so we are here to take some of that pressure off you. 

If you need a quote, we can get it for you within 24 hours, and we’ll work with you from there to get your project completed on time every time.