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Sneezeguards Will Still Be Necessary Post-COVID

Sneezeguard distributors have been working around the clock since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. These businesses have been supplying much needed protective gear to help medical facilities, essential businesses, and workplaces around the world keep their employees and visitors as safe as possible. 

Photo showing the benefits of sneezeguards distributors

Now that vaccines are being made more widely available to many, it may be natural for some to think that the need for this type of protective gear may also be waning. However, that is unlikely to be the case. Though the pandemic may look different today than it did a year ago, there are still public health concerns for businesses, healthcare providers, and government agencies to be aware of. And sneezeguards provide versatile protection against a huge array of threats — far beyond just the virus that causes COVID-19. 

If you’re looking into sneezeguard distributors and want to know what the market is likely to entail over the coming year, here are some of the reasons why this essential product is here to stay. 

Variants May Pose A Risk – Sneezeguards More Important Than Ever

Early studies show that the currently available vaccines have been fairly effective in preventing individuals from exhibiting serious symptoms of COVID-19 infections. However, the virus is still prevalent in many communities throughout the country and the world. And scientists are still learning about how immunity is formed and how long it may last. 

Additionally, viruses generally have the ability to mutate over time. There have already been variants of the COVID-19 virus that have popped up in communities around the world, from South America to Africa to right here in the U.S. It is still unclear whether the currently available vaccines are able to combat these variants. Early signs are promising. But there’s still more research to be done. And the virus may continue to mutate in the future, even if the current variants are not as threatening as once believed. 

Sneezeguard distributors provide protection against germs of all variations. It does not matter if a virus has mutated; it still needs to be able to pass through a physical barrier in order to infect someone standing behind a solid plastic sneezeguard. This is not to say that health practices and other safety precautions are not important. But sneezeguards provide an additional measure that various businesses and organizations can use in conjunction with things like vaccines, sanitizing, social distancing, and mask wearing as the pandemic forges ahead. 

How Sneezeguards Help Protect Against Airborne Contagion

The power of sneezeguards lies with their simplicity. The concept is truly timeless; these products simply put up a physical blockade between individuals. Generally, these products can be constructed using just one pane of acrylic or another thin, clear plastic material. It can simply rest on a countertop, hang from the ceiling, or be permanently fixed in place with screws. So they’re incredibly easy to install — perfect for healthcare facilities and essential businesses that have needed to improve protections around their facilities quickly throughout the past year. 

So here’s how it works: If a person on one side is sick, or if they’re carrying a virus or disease without exhibiting symptoms, the airborne particles that carry the disease can only travel to the physical blockade — not to the person on the other side. This limits the transmission of germs through in-person interactions. 

Without sneezeguards, people can easily transfer those particles directly to workers on the other side of a counter by coughing, sneezing, or just breathing. Those employees can then transmit particles to co-workers or other visitors throughout the day. Of course, sneezeguard distributors don’t completely eliminate all risk of spreading illness. But they can dramatically cut down the rate of infection for certain types of germs. This is especially relevant in sicknesses like the flu, where the virus cannot survive long if it doesn’t reach another host. And sneezeguards are easy to clean and sanitize regularly throughout the day to kill any germs that may end up on the surface. 

And the beauty of installing sneezeguards over counters at doctor’s offices, grocery stores, or offices is that they are clear and thin enough to still allow for easy interactions between workers and visitors. You can easily see through from one side to the other and hear the person on the other end as well. This allows teams to still provide exceptional service, answer questions, and even complete transactions while remaining protected. Sneezeguard distributors essentially provide the ability to facilitate face-to-face interactions without the additional risks. 

So basically, even once the COVID-19 pandemic does subside, the risk of germs in general will remain. And sneezeguard distributors can play a major role in preventing illnesses at workplaces throughout the public and private sector. This type of disease transmission, whether it’s the flu, the common cold, or another condition, has always been prevalent and will continue to be. But the pandemic has simply highlighted the power of protective systems like sneezeguards. And since many employees and consumers are more cognizant of germs than ever before, installing these systems is almost certain to continue to provide benefits for years to come. 

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