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Tampa, Clearwater Plastics

Florida cities Tampa and Clearwater are popular tourist destinations, and for good reason. Both cities are located within the Tampa Bay Area. Balmy temperatures, beautiful beaches and blue waters draw in millions of visitors each year. Whether scuba diving with manatees or racing bottle nose dolphins on jet skis, water sports and equipment comprise a large percentage of recreational activities available in the area.

Tampa, Clearwater Plastics Provider

Polymershapes is a premier provider of quality plastic products and solutions. For over 70 years, we’ve designed and engineered an impressive portfolio of plastics used in an array of industries, including the production of watercraft. From simple paddleboards to 50-foot yachts, our Largo, FL facility is a premier provider of Tampa and Clearwater plastics.

Watercraft Plastics

The engineers at Polymershapes use high quality marine plastic materials when fabricating a wide breadth of watercraft. These plastics must be resistant to the elements, including saltwater, chemicals, ultraviolet light and corrosion.  We can provide you with a variety of solutions to suite your specific needs, including the replacement of marine plywoods, laminates and metals. A number of surfaces within watercraft are exposed to the harsh environments created by the sun and sea. From walkways and hatches to cabinets and countertops, plastics are a great alternative to ensure the longevity of your watercraft. Whether you require toughness, optical clarity, resistance to weathering or to maintain a lighter weight, our Tampa, Clearwater area plastics facility can meet your needs.

Keeping the Ocean Clean

In addition to fabricating a number of plastics products, Polymershapes is also committed to keeping our earth clean. Which is why we offer recycling services to any business – no matter the industry. We believe that lessening our carbon footprint is everyone’s responsibility, which is why we provide containers for plastic waste. When full, we’ll take the containers away and replace with fresh ones. We then recycle the plastic scraps into new materials. Recycling is a great way to lessen our impact on the environment, and keep harmful plastics out of our beautiful oceans.

When it comes to Tampa, Clearwater plastics production, trust the experts at Polymershapes.