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The Many Uses of Complex Fabricated Acrylic Parts

Fabricated acrylic parts are one of the most commonly used plastics across a variety of industries. It’s known for offering increased impact resistance compared to glass and exceptional optical clarity. As such, many people mainly think of clear sheets when they think of acrylic plastic. While it is commonly sold in this form and used in things like windows and sneeze guards, it is available in a wide array of other shapes, sizes, and styles as well.

In addition to its strength and clarity, one of the defining characteristics of acrylic is that it’s easy to fabricate. This means it can be turned into just about anything. Here are some of the common uses for complex fabricated acrylic parts that go beyond the basic clear sheets you may already be familiar with. 

fabricated acrylic

Displays and Signage

Acrylic is lightweight and able to be produced in an array of colors, shapes, and styles, making it perfect for signage and retail displays. These don’t just include basic flat signs like you might see on a storefront or near a checkout area. Acrylic can also be used to produce display shelves, overhead signs that are curved or fabricated to look like specific letters or images, and other custom enhancements to the retail experience. Since it’s so light, it can even be transported around establishments or brought to trade shows or other events where businesses may need to show off products. 

Kiosks and Literature Holders

Many retail settings may also have use for small kiosks, literature holders, or dispensers that allow customers or visitors to simply choose specific materials and take the items needed. Obviously, people need to be able to clearly see the options available, so acrylic’s transparency is a major benefit in these instances. It’s also incredibly durable and strong, so the retail businesses, visitors centers, and transportation companies that may use these fabricated acrylic parts shouldn’t have to worry about significant damage or wear occurring constantly. 

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