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UHMW Cut To Size | Applications for UHMW Cut To Size

UHMW is a strong and versatile plastic material that is useful in a wide array of applications. However, full sized sheets may not meet the immediate needs of users, which is why UHMW cut to size products are significantly more convenient. They can also provide cost saving benefits and fit the needs of companies in a huge variety of industries. 

Photo of UHMW cut to size

Overall, UHMW cut to size products offer all the same attributes and benefits that plastics users have come to appreciate about this powerful material. But they also provide sheets and other formats that are made to each user’s exact specifications. Here’s a guide for those interested in the benefits of UHMW cut to size plastics. 

Attributes and Benefits of UHMW

Before jumping into the benefits of UHMW cut to size products, here’s a refresher on the material itself. UHMW is sometimes also referred to as UHMW-PE or Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. It is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic, which means it has a highly ordered structure of molecules and a sharp melting point, which can then allow the material to be shaped to various forms to suit the needs of end users. 

UHMW is generally categorized as an engineering material, because it provides a unique combination of high performance properties. These include the ability to stand up against wear, corrosion resistance, low friction surfaces, and high impact strength. Basically, the material provides multiple types of strength, all in one neat package. Many plastics specialize in the ability to withstand wear from friction or the ability to stand up against impact from fast moving objects. But UHMW offers a good combination of both. 

It also displays very low moisture absorption, the ability to retain its key physical properties at extremely low temperatures, good electrical insulating properties, moderate mechanical strength, and easy machinability. These durability features allow the material to be used effectively in a wide array of environments. If it is exposed to moisture, extreme temperatures, electrical currents, or various changing conditions, you don’t need to worry about UHMW changing form or losing some of its essential features. It will continue to provide the same level of strength and durability even when some other materials may begin to degrade or change form in some way. 

UHMW Cut to Size 

Of course, it is rare for any plastic sheets to be completely ready for use as they are when they are first produced, even if they do happen to offer a huge array of high performance properties. This is where UHMW cut to size options factor in. Cutting down the main piece of material into the specific dimensions needed for your applications can save you both time and money. It saves time because you don’t need to worry about converting raw material once you receive your UHMW sheets. And it saves money since you won’t need to invest in cutting or fabricating equipment or extra services to get your sheets ready for use once they arrive. 

When looking for UHMW cut to size sheets, it’s important to look for a plastics supplier that can offer the exact width and length you need, with tight tolerances. You want to be sure that the specifications of your project are met; simply getting close will fail to deliver the same cost and convenience benefits that your operations need. Additionally, if your plastics supplier uses cutting-edge equipment, they should be able to maximize the yield of your UHMW cut to size sheets, which can help you reduce waste and cut the overall cost of your project. Extra value-add services like routing may also be beneficial for ensuring that your UHMW sheets arrive ready for use in your most critical applications.

Applications for UHMW Cut to Size

So what exactly can you use UHMW cut to size sheets for? Overall, UHMW is an excellent general-purpose material. So it offers high performance properties that make it effective in an extensive list of applications. However, it is particularly popular when it comes to producing food handling solutions, conveyance and material handling equipment, and certain packaging solutions. 

In terms of food handling solutions, UHMW cut to size materials are perfect for equipment that is used to prepare or manufacture products because the material does not lose any of its qualities when exposed to foods or beverages. And it is safe for use in these instances. In fact, UHMW meets a wide range of regulatory compliance standards in the food industry and beyond. These include 3-A Dairy, FDA, and USDA, among others. 

When it comes to conveyance and material handling, UHMW is a perfect solution for components where wear resistance and durability are essential. These may include things like wear strips, chain guides, bumpers, and guide rails. Since it does not wear down easily when exposed to friction, UHMW provides a durable and long lasting solution in these environments. 

Similarly, UHMW is often used in certain packaging equipment and solutions. It is especially common in instances where products or equipment may be exposed to friction. But it is also popular in food packaging applications due to the compliance standards the material is able to meet. 

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of UHMW cut to size products, contact Polymershapes to discuss your options. We’re proud to offer UHMW from industry-leading manufacturers like Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials, so we carry popular varieties of this material like Tivar®. Our UHMW products can be cut and fabricated into various shapes and sizes, including sheet, rod, and tube. And we even offer different grades, like bearing grade, ceramic filled, FDA, virgin, glass filled, reprocessed, and high temperature. Our local facilities are conveniently spread throughout the country to provide fast and friendly service. So if you’re ready to find your ideal UHMW cut to size solutions, visit our website to reach out to your local branch today.