UHMWUHMW, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene is a thermoplastic engineering material that features amazing wear and corrosion resistance. It’s a wonderful general-purpose polymer that can be used in a host of applications. UHMW has a continuous use temperature range of up to 180° F (82° C).  Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene sheet, rod and tube products are perfect for electrical and machining applications as it has a very low moisture absorption and retains it’s physical properties to -22° F (-30° C).

Polymershapes offers the following sizes of UHMW sheet, rod, and tube products. You can order UHMW in the following grades: Bearing Grade, Ceramic Filled, FDA, Virgin, Glass Filled, Reprocessed, Oil Filled, Static Dissipative, UV Resistant, Anti-Skid, Flame Retardant, High Temperature, and Metal Detectable. UHMW sheet and UHMW rod can be ordered in Natural, Black, Blue and Green colors. Currently, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene tube can also be ordered in Natural, Black, Blue and Green.

Sheet Dimensions: 12″ x 12″ to 60″ x 120″
Thickness: 0.060″ – 6″
Rod Diameter: 0.25″ – 10″
Length: 1′ – 10′
Tube Outside Diameter: 0.875″ – 9.5″
Length: 5′ – 10′


Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene first entered the marketplace when it was introduced by Ruhrchemi AG, and in the 1960s it began being widely used in orthopedic and spine implants. It is a type of polyolefin. UHMW is comprised of extremely long chains of Polyethylene (PE), and all the chains form in the same direction. It’s simple molecular structure provides surface and chemical states that are hardly found in other high-performance polymers.

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