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Why are Custom Windshields Important when Creating Military and Armored Vehicles?

Between dangerous storms, chemicals, and criminal activities, operators and owners of military and armored vehicles need vehicles that are as strong, durable, and safe as possible. Custom windshields made of polycarbonate are the wise choice when there’s so much at stake. 

Photo of a custom windshield for an armored vehicle

Glass windshields are required by law in some cases, but in others, polycarbonate offers versatility and strength that glass does not.

Polycarbonate vs. Glass Windshields

When considering polycarbonate vs. glass windshields, it’s important to recognize the benefits of each. 

For passenger vehicles, glass windshields are required. The front windshield is comprised of three layers: two sheets of glass bonded together with one layer of plastic in the middle. Known as laminated safety glass, these modern glass windshields crack in the event of an accident rather than shatter. As a result, passengers are more protected from glass-related injuries.

The side and rear windows may be made of tempered glass, which is designed to break apart into very small pieces in order to protect passengers from such injuries as well.

Polycarbonate windshields have similar benefits, plus many more. Custom windshields made of polycarbonate can be used for military and armored vehicles, which may be ideal for several reasons.

  1. Polycarbonate is stronger than glass.

Polycarbonate is dramatically stronger than glass and many other forms of plastic. In fact, it’s nearly unbreakable, making it especially beneficial for military and armored vehicles that undergo dangerous conditions.

  1. These virtually unbreakable plastic windows may prevent thefts.

According to the Houston Chronicle, armored truck robberies occur about 70 times per year. Armored vehicles may contain money, dangerous weapons, tools, and other valuables, so securing the vehicles against theft is crucial.

  1. Polycarbonate can be fabricated into various shapes.

Military and armored vehicles have unique needs. It’s important that windshields are customized to fit the vehicles cleanly and securely. Our methods for creating custom plastic parts include heat bending, cold forming, and thermoforming, among other capabilities.

Polycarbonate can also be cut as necessary to fit the specific dimensions or other requirements.

  1. It is resistant to chemical corrosion.

Polycarbonate is highly resistant to chemicals such as gasoline, acids, and alcohols.

  1. Polycarbonate can stand up to the elements and chemical corrosion.

Military and armored vehicles require superb protection from breakage and weather-related damage in any season, especially because they are used in varying climates round the country. 

Custom windshields made of polycarbonate are also highly heat-resistant, which is important for vehicles that must be used extensively in tropical regions.

  1. Custom windshields made of polycarbonate offer visual clarity.

In addition to being transparent, polycarbonate custom windshields are effective at preventing glare from the sun.

How Can a Custom Plastics Company Help You with Your Next Project?

A plastics company can fabricate custom windshields that not only protect users, but also save the military from costly repairs due to damaged glass windshields. 

Polycarbonate windshields are also long-lasting. A very versatile product, polycarbonate typically lasts up to 25 years, which is another way businesses may save money.

As you are looking for a custom plastics company for windshields, it’s important to choose one with experience in producing these parts. Custom windshields provide tremendous benefits, but that’s only true if the integrity of the product’s development and installation is maintained. Experienced plastic fabricators know the best methods of creating reliable, long-lasting products.

At Polymershapes, our skilled welders, fabricators, and assembly technicians understand what it takes to complete your projects according to high standards while following applicable policies. 

We are also a one-stop source for your plastic product needs. We can handle the project from start to finish while meeting your deadlines. 

Contact us to learn more about custom windshield development or for any other plastic fabrication needs.