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Plexiglass for Windows

Acrylic Sheets as Windows – When you think about windows, most people picture simple panes made of glass. However, there are other clear materials that can be just as effective as glass when used in windows and similar applications. And in some cases they may offer even more benefits. 

Plexiglass is one such material. Plexiglass for windows provides visual clarity, impact resistance, and versatility for a variety of structures and applications. This material is made of acrylic sheets; Plexiglass is actually a brand name that many use to describe acrylic. But it has become so ubiquitous over the past several years that many use the two terms interchangeably even when they’re not describing the specific brand. 

If you’re interested in learning more about acrylic sheets and plexiglass for windows, here’s a guide to all of the qualities and benefits in various applications. 

Acrylic Sheets for Windows (Plexiglass)
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Applications for Using Acrylic Sheets as Windows

Plexiglass windows are often installed in areas where impact resistance is a concern. For example, industrial settings where heavy equipment is moved around frequently may require a window material that isn’t prone to breaking or shattering upon impact. This may also be useful in buildings that are situated next to sports fields or other areas where flying projectiles may strike the windows. 

For this reason, plexiglass windows are also useful in areas that see a lot of destructive storms. For example, if your building is located in a strong wind zone, acrylic may be better suited to hold up against flying projectiles than glass. At the very least, it won’t create extra harmful debris even if it is broken. 

Acrylic sheets are also popular in applications that require decorative windows. Since the material is incredibly easy to fabricate, bend, and cut into specific sizes and shapes, it’s perfect for frames that don’t conform to traditional window sizes or buildings that have unique architectural elements. 

These are just a few of the common applications for acrylic sheets as windows. The material is also common in various industries, including transportation, retail, printing, and construction. 

Benefits of Plexiglass for Windows

There are many reasons why some people choose to use plexiglass for windows. It often depends on the specific industry and application. But here are some of the main contributing factors. 

Strength is a major selling point when it comes to plexiglass for windows. Acrylic sheets are significantly more impact resistant than glass. In fact, the material is about ten times stronger than regular glass windows, depending on the gauge selected. So if a projectile hits the pane, it is less likely to crack or break and require expensive repairs. Even if something sharp does fracture the glass, acrylic sheets do not shatter into dangerous shards that present safety hazards to people in the immediate area. 

However, plexiglass still offers plenty of visual clarity. There are some plastics and other synthetic materials that have a bit of a tint to them, so they don’t quite look the same as regular glass windows. But acrylic sheets are almost completely transparent. You likely will not notice any tint at all. So if light transmission and visual clarity are important to you, as they are in applications like transportation windows and lenses, it’s easy to get these features when you use acrylic sheets. 

Additionally, acrylic is a thermoplastic, which means that it can be easily formed into different shapes and sizes when heat is applied. It is also incredibly lightweight and easy to cut to specific sizes. You can even order panels in the exact dimensions and gauges needed for each custom window. In some instances, buildings may require windows that are curved or formed into other custom shapes in order to fit unique architectural elements. Acrylic sheets are easy to work with in these custom applications, even more so than glass and many other plastic materials. 

Plexiglass for DIY Window Replacement

In addition to the benefits listed above, acrylic sheets are also more lightweight and easy to cut and work with than traditional glass. This makes it an ideal material for those looking for DIY window replacement options. Working with glass requires specialized equipment and tools, especially if the material needs to be customized to a specific size. It is also heavy and easily breakable. So replacement costs for materials can add up if installers don’t have the correct skills and tools to get the job done right the first time around. 

Acrylic, on the other hand, can be cut to size easily. And you can even order acrylic sheets in the specific dimensions and gauges needed for each project. Once you receive the materials, you can have it installed by a professional. Or you could opt to install it yourself since it is light enough to lift and position without specialized equipment or a whole team of people. 

If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of plexiglass for windows, Polymershapes makes it easy to order the specific acrylic sheets you need. You can order sheets in various sizes, grades, and dimensions to suit the needs of all of your projects. We also work with quality manufacturers like LEXAN, so you can feel confident in the strength and durability of your materials. We have facilities located throughout the country that are outfitted with industry leading fabrication and conversion equipment to customize each order and provide fast and efficient service. In addition to acrylic sheets, we also provide a wide array of other performance plastics like polycarbonate, corrugated twinwall, ABS, HDPE, and many others. When you’re ready to purchase plexiglass for windows, use our website to reach out to your local Polymershapes branch and start customizing your next order.