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Acrylic, also known as Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA), or common tradenames such as OPTIX®, Acrylite®, or Plexiglas®, is a thermoplastic that can be formed into a number of shapes, making it suitable for use in a broad range of industries and products. Polymershapes offers a full-line of extruded and cast sheet products from the world’s leading producers, including Plaskolite (OPTIX®, FABBACK®, DURAPLEX®) and Evonik (Acrylite®), and more. Our acrylic sheet options are ideal for a vast array of applications, including signage, displays, skylights and hundreds more.

Acrylic boasts a variety of high-performance properties, among the most important being its optical clarity, low UV sensitivity, and overall weather resistance. Acrylic offers clear, glass-like brilliance and translucence, but is much lighter and much more durable than glass. Acrylic is easy to form, with high impact resistance, excellent transparency, and superior weatherability. Additionally, coatings can be applied to enhance its functionality, including scratch-resistance, anti-fog, or reflective characteristics. Acrylic is slow-burning or even self-extinguishing, and does not produce harmful smoke or gases in the presence of flame.

Polymershapes can readily provide the right acrylic sheeting for your application, in a broad variety of texture and color options. Whether you require optical clarity and light transmission, shatter-resistant sheets for security purposes, or mirrored sheets for displays or point of purchase, Polymershapes offers the widest range of acrylic products on the market, from trusted manufacturing partners.

When it comes to shape and size, we can meet any of your needs – and custom sizes and colors are also available. We can also provide you with various grades, including general purpose, non-glare, digital print, mirror, impact modified, frost, LED sign, lighting panel, aerospace, and frame grade

Did you know Polymershapes offers a variety of value-added products and services? Our film conversion centers and fabrication centers feature state of the art facilities and are dedicated to on providing you best-in-class customer service and convenience.

Polymershapes looks forward to helping you meet your acrylic needs. Or let us help you outshine your competition with other plastic materials and associated products from our broad and deep inventory — Contact your local Polymershapes facility today for more information!

<p>More impact resistant than glass</p>

More impact resistant than glass

<p>High optical clarity</p>

High optical clarity

<p>Easy to fabricate, glue, and polish</p>

Easy to fabricate, glue, and polish

<p>Available in a variety of finishes and patterns</p>

Available in a variety of finishes and patterns

Product Options


Clear, white, block, gray, bronze, sign colors

  • Clear Acrylic Sheet

    Resistant to impact and weathering, clear acrylic sheet is a tremendously versatile material ideal for a vast range of fabrication and glazing applications. The high molecular weight of clear acrylic is ideal for bending and forming, making it a go-to solution for point-of-purchase displays, lighting, furnishings, and much more. The impact resistance of clear acrylic sheet is up to three times greater than double strength window glass, and up to five times stronger than wire glass, prohibits shattering. And clear acrylic maintains its sparkling clarity over the long haul; in fact, OPTIX® clear acrylic sheet from Plaskolite are backed by a 10-year limited non-yellowing warranty.

  • Color Acrylic Sheet

    Color acrylic sheet is the materials of choice for a wide range of applications where the vitality of different hues is desired, and high resistance to impact and weathering is required. Our customers choose color acrylic sheet for a wide range of applications, from skylights and sunrooms, to displays and point of purchase installations, to awnings and signage. We proudly offer color acrylic sheet from leading suppliers, such as OPTIX® from Plaskolite, a continuously processed, high quality sheet providing a variety of color choices. Plus, custom color matching is available.

  • Digital Print Acrylic Sheet

    Digital print acrylic sheet is specifically manufactured to enable optimal adhesion of UV curing inks without adhesion promoters, delivering the benefits of continuously processed acrylic sheet in a substrate designed especially for printed applications. Digital print acrylic sheet provides the superior strength you expect from continuously processed acrylic sheet, and is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. A popular solution among Polymershapes customers is OPTIX® DA from Plaskolite, a specially formulated acrylic polymer developed and tested with a leading digital UV flatbed printer manufacturer and various ink suppliers.

    • Optimal adhesion of UV curing inks
    • Available in clear and non-glare
  • Impact Modified Acrylic

    When you need a sheet that delivers the ultimate in durability and superior impact resistance, look to Polymershapes for impact modified acrylic sheet. Our impact modified acrylic offerings are led by DURAPLEX from Plaskolite. A continuously processed sheet, impact modified acrylic is up to 6x stronger than general-purpose acrylic, 15x stronger than double-strength window glass and 30x stronger than polished wire glass or other glasses. It is an excellent solution for displays, skylights, signage and replacement windows, and its strength also pays dividends in superior tolerance to shipping and handling. Polymershapes can meet your needs for impact modified acrylic in flat sheet or roll stock, with a range of thicknesses, widths, colors and patterns, as well as custom blends.

    • Choose from 40% and 100% impact modified acrylic
    • Wide range of forming temperatures and short forming cycles.
    • Excellent weatherability
    • Offered in clear, colors, patterns, and run-to-size
    • Custom impact blends available
  • Light-Diffusing/Sign-Grade Acrylic Sheet

    When your sign applications require soft, even light — no matter what light source is used – choose light-diffusing/sign grade acrylic sheet. Light rays are dispersed through light diffusing/sign-grade acrylic, making visible hot spots a thing of the past. Fluctuations in luminance, even when using LEDs, are eliminated, but light transmission remains high. We help our customers select high-performing materials such as OPTIX® LD from Plaskolite, an optimal solution for signs and other applications where the finished product needs to deliver the energy-saving advantages of LEDs without distracting light patterns. And of course, since it’s high-quality acrylic, light diffusing/sign-grade acrylic sheet delivers high levels of impact and weathering resistance.

    • Superior diffusion properties
    • Enables great sign design flexibility and slim profile channel (CAN) letters,
    • High impact resistance and weatherability.
    • Offered in a wide variety of stock sizes, colors, non-glare.
    • Ideal for decorative vinyl applications that require maximum light output and transmission.
  • Mirror Acrylic Sheet

    Mirror acrylic sheet is virtually scratch resistant, and available in a variety of colors and patterns, as well as two-way mirror and aircraft and marine grades. Mirror acrylic sheet is utilized in a wide range of applications, including point-of-purchase displays, casinos walls, toys, cosmetic displays and food service. Polymershapes carries the finest mirror acrylic sheet, including FABBACK® from Plaskolite, a continuously processed acrylic sheet to which a mirror finish is vacuum metalized, and protected by the industry’s toughest protective back-coating.

    • Tough protective back coating
    • Supplied with a 1″ overage on length and width
    • Custom sizes and thicknesses available
    • AR scratch-resistant coating available
  • Non-Glare Acrylic Sheet

    Ideal for glazing and picture framing applications, non-glare acrylic sheet employs specially formulated coatings to minimize the impact of various light sources on reflective surfaces. Non-glare acrylic allows the beauty of framed-works to be fully protected, while being enjoyed without harsh and disturbing reflections. Popular non-glare acrylic sheet options include OPTIX® NG Heavy Matte and Light Matte from Plaskolite, featuring light weight and shatter resistance that make them ideal for signage, silk-screening, and point-of-purchase displays. The materials are suitable for glazing in large frames or any situation where shattering glass would be a safety concern.

  • Acrylic Light Panels

    To soften harsh lighting and create more visually appealing environments, Polymershapes customers can choose from our array of premium grade acrylic light panels. Virtually unbreakable, non-yellowing and easy to cut, acrylic light panels are offered in a wide variety of decorative patterns and designs. We offer styles from Plaskolite, all covered under a 10-year limited warranty against breakage.


48″ x 96″, 48″ x 120″, 51″ x 100″ 60″ x 96″

0.040″ – 6″

Diameter: 0.125″ – 8″

Outside Diameter: .250″ – 12″

Physical Properties

General Purpose
Tensile strength @ break @ 73°FpsiD6382,800 – 10,900
Flexural modulus @ 73°FpsiD790188,000 – 512,000
Izod impact (notched)ft-lbs/in of notchD2560.22 – 1.1
Deflection Temperature Under Load @ 264 psi°FD648Unannealed: 162 – 221
Annealed: 125 – 223
Water absorption @ 73°F – 24 hours%D5700.29 – 0.42
Compressive strengthpsiD69514,100 – 18,000
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE)(in/in°F)D6963.3E-5 to 5.0E-5
Taber Abrasion ResistancemgD10440.00100 – 3.81

*Technical Data is provided courtesy of UL Prospector (www.ulprospector.com) and IAPD (www.IAPD.org).

Data is to be considered representative and is provided for guidance only. All product performance must be verified by the user under actual application conditions.

Suppliers / Brands

Plexiglas®, Altuglas®