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Plastic Products for Bus & Rail

Picture of plastic for Bus & Rail
Fun Fact

Plastic composite panels in Swiss trains has led to a 25 percent reduction in weight, leading to significant energy savings. *Courtesy of IAPD

Thanks to plastics solutions provided by Polymershapes, today’s trains and buses are lighter in weight, more durable, safer and more comfortable. Plastics help mass transit vehicles travel further for less money especially when used in both aesthetic and structural/bearing applications. Plus, when looking at the overall carbon footprint -- including costs to manufacture, transport, fabricate, install, and maintain -- plastics win out over virtually any traditional materials. Also, plastics are safer to handle and install. Factor in the ready recyclability of many plastics, and solutions from Polymershapes can become the most environmentally responsible and safest choice for many demanding transportation applications.

Among the wide range of Bus & Rail applications where plastics can be used are:

  • Bearings
  • Pedestal liners
  • Wear plates
  • Brake guides
  • Luggage compartment components
  • Folding trays
  • Windows
  • Wall panels
  • Mirrors