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Composites & Processing Aids

Polymershapes can support your processing aid needs from several major manufacturers, these products include but are not limited to vacuum bag films; release films, liquids, and fabrics; adhesive and sealant tapes; autoclave valves and hoses; castable urethane elastomer; tooling resins, and tool support structures. Our complete product line is quite extensive and covers nearly all […]

Benefits of Composites & Processing Aids

<p>Excellent stretch and formability</p>

Excellent stretch and formability

<p>Variety of operating temperatures</p>

Variety of operating temperatures

<p>High heat and chemical resistance</p>

High heat and chemical resistance

<p>High tensile strength</p>

High tensile strength

Product Options

  • Bagging Films
    • Variety of bagging films available:
    • High-temp, low-temp, room-temp
    • Good chemical resistance
    • Lubricated for better slip surface
    • Excellent drape & flexibility
    • Uses include: Belting, Bladders, Inflatables, Laminations, Medical products, Protective coverings, Thermoformed parts, Vacuum bagging, Vacuum forming
  • Bleeder / Breather
    • Available in 2.5 oz up to 10 oz
    • Non-woven polyester
    • Excellent stretch to conform closely to part contours
    • No binders to restrict air flow
  • Cross Fibers
    • Superior structural reinforcement
    • Minimized bulk & weight
    • Increased durability and off-load line strength
    • Excellent dimensional stability
    • High tensile strength
  • Carbon and Glass Fabrics
    • Carbon: high strength, high thermal conductivity, low weight & density
    • Glass: high tensile strength, high heat & chemical resistance, dimensionally stable
    • Grades compatible with polyester and epoxy resins
    • Uses include: engine components, rotor blades, radomes, ducting, brake linings, tooling
  • Release Films and Fabrics
    • Films available in FEP and PTFE, cast and extruded grades
    • Fabrics available in nylon, PTFE, TFE, & polyamide in a variety of grades
    • Excellent release properties
    • High heat resistance
    • Heat bondable grades available
  • Resin and Epoxy

    Adhesives & Pastes

    • Room-temp and high-temp grades
    • Fast cure available


    • Aluminum filled casting resin
    • Iron filled casting resin
    • High-temp, room-temp grades available


    • Standard and high-physical prosperity laminating resins
    • High-temp, room temp grades available
    • Fast (5 minute) and slow grades available
  • Flash and Sealant Tapes
    • Vacuum bag sealant tape
    • High-temp, extended cure grades available
    • Cloth tape for honeycomb
    • TFE Toolcoater tape
    • Polyamide laminate processing tape
    • Polyester tapes
    • Heat shrinkable tapes
  • Hoses, Valves and Accessories

    Stainless steel & silicone hoses

    Aluminum & stainless steel vacuum valves

    Vacuum aspirator, gauges, pumps, and leak detectors

  • Tooling Materials and Structures

    Honeycomb panels

    HDU (High Density Polyurethane) tooling boards

    High-heat filler paste

    Laminated Structural fiberglass shapes for tooling

  • Tool Prep Liquids

    Solvent Based 

    • Solvent based composite, fiberglass, and multipurpose release shields
    • Water based release shields
    • Solvent & water based surface cleaners
  • Miscellaneous
    • Tooling and Prepreg Sweeps
    • Seam Roller
    • Porcupine Roller
    • Aluminum Grit Strips
    • Cotton crimped wiping cloths
    • Clean Room Entry Mat