PAI (Polyamide-imide) is an imidized thermoplastic material, with a continuous use temperature range of up to 500° F (260° C).



PAI (Polyamide-imide), also known as Duratron® or Torlon® is an imidized thermoplastic material, with a continuous use temperature range of up to 500° F (260° C). It is categorized as an extreme performance material, and offers high strength and wear resistance, and the ability to withstand harsh thermal, chemical, and stress conditions.

Offered in a variety of extruded and compression-molded grades and shapes, PAI is a versatile material ideal for a broad range of applications, including electrical applications. It can endure severe bearing and wear conditions while providing greater compressive strength and higher impact resistance than most advanced engineering plastics. PAI exhibits outstanding resistance to wear, creep, and chemicals – including strong acids and most organics – and is ideally suited for severe service environments.

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Features & Benefits

  • Highly temperature resistant
  • Static dissipative grades available
  • Filled grades available – carbon and glass
  • Bearing grade available
  • Electrical grade available


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Bearings and Bushings
  • Bus and Rail
  • Chemical Processing
  • Enclosures
  • Gaskets and Seals
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Machine Shops
  • Oil and Gas
  • Semiconductor and Electronics
  • Valves and Fittings

Physical Properties

Tensile strength @ break @ 73°FpsiD638 10,000 – 23,000
Flexural modulus @ 73°FpsiD790 600,000 – 2,500,000
Izod impact (notched)ft-lbs/in of notchD256 0.5 – 2.5
Water absorption @ 73°F –  24 hours%D5700.17 – 0.35
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE)(in/in°F)D696 0.8E-5 to 2.0E-5

*Technical Data is provided courtesy of UL Prospector ( and IAPD (

Data is to be considered representative and is provided for guidance only. All product performance must be verified by the user under actual application conditions.

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