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Polycarbonate-ABS Blend (PC-ABS)

Polycarbonate-ABS blend sheet is an opaque, solid, low-gloss sheet, commonly known as LEXAN H6500. Commonly used in the bus & rail industry, this sheet offers excellent stiffness, as well as flame retardant properties. It can be thermoformed at lower temperatures than traditional polycarbonate, and molded-in color reduces cost and environment hazards by  eliminating the need […]

Benefits of Polycarbonate-ABS Blend (PC-ABS)

<p>Impact strength & stiffness</p>

Impact strength & stiffness

<p>In-mold color for beautiful aesthetics</p>

In-mold color for beautiful aesthetics

<p>Flame Resistance</p>

Flame Resistance

Suppliers / Brands

LEXAN H6500 / LEXAN KH6500

Common Applications