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Aluminum Composite Material

Polymershapes is one of the leading distributors of Aluminum composite materials for use in applications such as aviation, automotive, signage and build and construction.

Sandwich panels as they are sometimes called, of aluminum composite panels, are made of aluminum composite materials. They are frequently applied in situations where a low weight material needs to be used, however mechanical functionality and durability need to be maximized. ACM aluminum composite material is a stiff sheet comprised of aluminum bonded to a polyethylene core.

It can be roll formed, routed and cut into different shapes, making it ideal for a variety of uses in signage, building /construction and architectural faces. It also lays quite a bit flatter than aluminum sheets of the same measure. Many times aluminum composite material is preferred over aluminum sheets.
Polymershapes makes it easy to order aluminum composite material. We carry ACM aluminum composite material sheets in the following dimensions: 48″ x 96″, 48″ x 120″, 60″ x 96″, and 60″ x  120″. These can come in one of 4 thickness increments including: 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, and 6 mm. Our ACM sheets come in white, black, sign colors, silver and gold. Three grades are available: Economy, Heavy Duty, and Light Weight.

Our customers can customize the order and order specific sizes that are only available upon request. To custom order aluminum composite materials, just contact your local branch and tell us the specifications that you and we’d be glad to order for you.

Searching for aluminum composite material sheet suppliers? We work with the leading aluminum composite material sheet manufacturers.  Polymershapes is the leading distributer of aluminum composite material sheets. We carry ACM sheets supplied by 3A composites. Order aluminum composite material sheets such as Dibond®   and e-panel™ from 3A Composites. We also distribute Kommerling’s
KOMAALU® iron clad sheets.

Order direct from Polymershapes. Many locations can get same day delivery of most all of our products that we carry. In addition to aluminum composite material, we sell industrial plastics. For all of your plastic sheet, rod, tube, film and associated products. Order Lexan Polycarbonate, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, high impact polystyrene, thermoplastics like acetal, and polypropylene sheet. For a complete list of all of our products, we invite you to search by Product Type, Products Industry/Application, or Products by Regulatory Compliance standards that are met.