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Plastic Products for Storm Protection

Picture of plastic for Storm Protection

When high winds or debris threaten homes and properties, protect your windows and doors with performance plastics! Unlike plywood, materials like Multiwall Polycarbonate are lightweight, durable, and offer extreme protection while still allowing light to pass through! Polycarbonate also won’t warp, split, promote termites, and can quickly and easily be removed, stored away in the off-season, and installed when needed!

Brands include SABIC’s LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™, Plaskolite’s Hurrigal and more!

Multiwall Polycarbonate for Storm Protection & Hurricane Shutters

  • Allows high light-transmission
  • Highly impact resistant
  • Five time lighter than plywood
  • Easy to install, remove, and store
  • Suitable for wood, concrete, and solid brick veneer properties
  • Grades available to meet Miami-Dade County Code; Florida HVHZ Applications; NAMI Certified / FBC #28824.1

For permanent protection, Insulgard, a division of Polymershapes, offers StormDefend™ door and window systems, meeting ICC500-2014 and FEMA361-2015 requirements for use in tornado and hurricane storm shelters across the country including the 250mph wind zone.