Austin Thermoforming Capabilities

Large Format Thermoforming CNC Trimming Fabrication Capabilities

Polymershapes stands out as a premier company specializing in thermoforming plastic, including polycarbonate materials. For those seeking top-notch thermoforming services in the Austin area, Polymershapes is your go-to choice. We excel in crafting resilient bulk products and components, tailored precisely to your specifications, all at competitive prices. Connect with our team of plastics thermoforming specialists today. We offer expert guidance to streamline the fabrication process of your products or components. Together, we’ll explore material options and fabrication techniques to ensure optimal performance while keeping costs in check.

Polymershapes supports your growth and success with industry-leading fabrication services. Our facilities, equipment, and expertise provide a wide variety of solutions for your plastic fabrication and conversion needs. 

With decades of fabrication experience, trust Polymershapes to deliver exceptional service, quality, and lead times for all your fabrication needs.

Large Format Thermoforming

  • 58” x 103”
  • Capable of doing upper and lower molds (male and female molds)
  • Capable of using water cooled tools for quicker cycle times

CNC Trimming Capabilities

  • Thermwood 67DT 5 axis router
  • Dual 5’ x 5’ tables for large parts or higher productivity
  • 3 dimensional parts

3 Axis router capabilities

  • 5’ x 10’ Hendricks (HSR-R68 510)
  • 2 dimensional parts
  • Wider range of material capabilities we can machine
  • Quick cycle times

Mastercam 5 axis software

  • CAD/CAM design
  • Quick turn around on quoting
  • In house programmers / operators

Additional Services through partner network listed below:

  • Molding needs
  • Acrylic flame polishing
  • Heat bending
  • Other bench fab/secondary process capabilities

Industries Served

Automotive and Transportation
Environmental Solutions
Food and Beverage
Recreational and Fitness
Retail and Consumer
… and more!

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