No Matter What Business You’re In, Protecting the Environment is Everyone’s Responsibility

Eco-Friendly Materials

From recycled grade materials, to paperboards and fully recyclable plastics, as our customers’ needs and requirements change to meet the demands on end-users, Polymershapes is your partner to source the latest and most innovative “green” and eco-friendly substrate solutions.

Performance Plastics

Unlike single-use or throwaway plastics, such as plastics straws, shopping bags and water bottles, performance plastics are designed to have a multi-use lifespan and to be extremely durable. Performance plastics last – and you want them to! Performance plastics can play a key role in emission reduction and resource consumption.

From lightweighting airplanes to reduce fuel consumption, or metal replacement parts to increase production efficiency and reduce energy consumption, to life-changing prosthetics and orthotics, or bullet-resistant enclosures protecting schools, performance plastics play a crucial role in our everyday lives.

Plastic Recycling Services

Polymershapes helps you achieve your goals to reduce environmental impact through Polymershapes recycling support – a service aiding customers seeking to manage waste more effectively and economically. Our recycling support is simple and customizable to the needs of your business – we’ll help you manage all of your plastic scrap quickly and easily – to save you the effort and expense in managing your waste!

Polymershapes Makes Recycling Support Convenient and Easy Through Our Nationwide Branch Network

  • Polymershapes supplies Gaylord containers for depositing scrap.
  • Notify us when your containers are full.
  • We deliver fresh containers, and haul away any that are full.
  • Scrap is processed, and turned into new material.