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Cast Nylon

Cast NylonWith so many various thermoplastics available on the market, you might wonder why any fabricator would choose cast nylons over another market product. Cast Nylons, however, have a number of qualities that are desirable to fabricators.

Most of these factors revolve around availability and pricing of cast nylons. These simple plastics are suited for simple, shorter cycles. Cast Nylons are used in a very diverse, array of places. Perhaps, the most diverse of any thermoplastics.

Cast Nylons such as NYCAST, by Cast Nylons, a cast nylon manufacturer that carry,  are used by fabricators and generally are preferred over extruded nylons when smaller runs are desired or when looked for near net shapes. This very cheap material features amazing tensile and compressive strength, durable wear, and can be a great electrical insulator.

Its physical properties can be modified by adding in other materials. For instance, lubricants when added, reduce and improve the coefficient of friction for cast nylons. Other additives are routinely added to improve qualities like impact strength, operating temperature range, and rigidity.

Cast Nylon is also preferred by fabricators and formulators because you can make any formulation in the same tool, with the exception of glass-filled nylons.

This makes it simple to switch from a standard nylon to some other nylon, providing efficiency in performance. Additives can be added through a simple process and the major features of cast nylon will be transformed.

Cast Nylons allow machinists to save countless amounts of money in material, labor and tool costs because its easily fabricated, allowing for custom cast parts to be made.

Cast nylon possess all of the main characteristics of nylon, but due to its manufacturing process, it works well when shorter cycles are desired by the fabricator rather than larger machining process. Most fabricators prefer cast nylons over extruded when smaller runs are desired or when looking for near-net shapes.

Cast nylon provides a balance of strength and toughness that make it an optimal choice for a broad range of applications. Nylon is extremely easy to machine, and its light weight makes is easier to handle and maintain than the metals it typically replaces. It is readily available in rod, plate and tube, and a variety of grades and types. It may be cast as a finished part and near net shapes.

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In addition to cast nylon, we also sell extruded nylon, glass filled nylon, and other nylons that have been transformed with additives such as lubricant filled, Molybdenum Disulfide Filled, and Oil Filled. We make it easy to check the specifications and physical features of all of the plastic products that we sell.

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