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Cincinnati Plastics

Cincinnati, Ohio is the third-largest city in the state and is located on the confluence of the Licking and Ohio rivers. Throughout much of the 19th century, the city was noted as one of the top 10 cities in the nation by population. Because it was the first city founded after the American Revolution, it was also regarded as the first purely “American” city.

Three major sports teams call Cincinnati home: The Cincinnati Reds, Bengals and FC Cincinnati. And the city’s historic architecture helped coin the nickname “Paris of America,” as intricate structures like the Music Hall, Shillito Department Store and Cincinnati Hotel boast ambitious architecture design.

Cincinnati Plastics Provider

Located in nearby Sharonville, Polymershapes is proud to be a premier provider of Cincinnati plastics. For over seventy years, we’re provided exceptional plastic products to a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, chemical processing, medical packaging, window glazing and more. We even engineer plastic solutions for everything from sports equipment to building materials.

Sporting Goods

Although you may never play for the Cincinnati Reds or Bengals, Polymershapes makes high quality sporting good equipment to help you feel like you’re on the field. We manufacture plastics that allow you to customize your sporting equipment based on resilience, moldability, weight, and other high-performance properties you want in your products. From multicolored nylon to High Density Polyethylene, our products can create everything from jet skis to golf balls.

Building & Construction

With beautiful architecture lasting over 200 years, Cincinnati has been dubbed the Paris of America. And Polymershapes, we’re committed to creating Cincinnati plastics products that blend in or enhance the existing infrastructure. That’s why all of our building and construction products are both resilient and attractive.

Our polycarbonate acrylic and PETG products have significantly higher impact strength, making then 100 times stronger than glass and 20 times stronger than acrylic. And with outstanding optical clarity, you’re not sacrificing looks for function. Our construction plastics can also lower your project’s environmental footprint by using recycled materials or through energy savings. Our flame rated materials also meet the ASTM E-84 Class A standard, making compliance with building and fire codes easy to attain.

From entryway canopies, greenhouses and skylights to windows glazing, furniture and sound barriers, Polymershapes is a Cincinnati plastics provider that offers both function and form, without sacrificing style.

Check out our complete list of plastic products today and see what we can offer you!