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Cleveland Plastics

With a prime location on the southern shore of Lake Erie, Cleveland, OH became a major manufacturing hub in the 1800s. Because it was connected to numerous canals and railroad lines, the city’s economy was very reliant on steel production. In the last hundred years, the city’s economy diversified to include financial services, biomedicals and healthcare. The Cleveland Clinic is a renowned institution for its technological management systems and superior care.

Cleveland Medical Plastics Provider

Polymershapes has been a trusted plastics provider for over seventy years. Our stocking facility in nearby Brooklyn Heights, OH makes Polymershapes a premier provider of Cleveland plastics.


Polymershapes manufactures plastics that are used to deliver a wide range of orthopedic products. From prosthetic elbows, hips and knees to surgical implantation in joints, hands and feet, the use of plastics by device designers has helped to make the products lighter, stronger and more lifelike than ever. These products better mimic natural movement through flexing and strength, as well as increased grip and friction.

Medical Packaging

When producing Cleveland plastics for medical packaging, Polymershapes takes great care in ensuring that these products ensure total protection and sterilization. Our materials fully meet medical packaging requirements. Our plastics are sourced from the industry’s leading manufacturers and are used to make everything from tray lids and pouches to ampule vials, diagnostic kits and procedure kits. No matter what your needs, Polymershapes will work with you to ensure you produce protective packaging to ensure integrity throughout the entire chain of custody.

Plastic Recycling Services

Healthcare facilities in America produce around 14,000 tons of water per day, with an estimated 25% consisting of plastic products and packaging. At Polymershapes, we’re committed to lessening the environmental impact of plastics through offering easy and effective recycling services. No matter the industry, we’ll remove Cleveland plastics and recycle the scrap into new materials. When it comes to our clients and our planet, it’s the center of all we do!