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Fun Fact

Fun Fact: Healthcare facilities in the United States generate approximately 14,000 tons of waste per day, an estimated 20 – 25% consisting of plastic packaging and products. To help identify ways to improve the recyclability of plastic medical products and packaging, the Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC) was formed in 2010. *hprc.org

Medical packaging must protect a vast range of products and materials where there is zero room for compromise in ensuring total protection.

Polymershapes is your source for material solutions that fully meet your medical packaging requirements, and are ideally suited for the processes and standards used in clean room environments where much medical packaging is produced.

We offer plastics from the industry’s leading manufacturers to meet your needs for protecting tray lids and pouches, ampule vials, diagnostic kits and procedure kits. Polymershapes can help you select the materials that can be used for multiple product profiles, including delicate instruments, sharp and blunt components, and devices requiring porosity protection.

Whether your application requires clamshell packaging, blister packs, mounting cards, lidding, folding cartons, or a wide variety of other solutions, we are committed to helping you produce protective packaging that ensures product integrity throughout the complete chain of custody.