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Cutting Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate VS AcrylicPolymershapes is the top supplier of plastics, and the best brands, including LEXAN. We also provide fabrication services, and can assist with cutting polycarbonate into the thickness, shape, and type that you need.

If you do not have prior knowledge on cutting polycarbonate, you’ll want to ensure that you have the proper saws, and support needed in order to properly cut this type of strong, durable, plastic. There are various tutorials available online from all types of users – folks that are novices, all the way to expert engineers, however our industry leading customer service team is the best resource for help with cutting polycarbonate and ensuring that you do not lose money on your investment in the product. You would not want to harm the polycarbonate during the process, and you want to have a precise cut. Ensure that you do not have to buy more polycarbonate by ensuring that you are cutting polycarbonate the correct way or allow our fabricators to custom cut the polycarbonate sheet for you.

Polycarbonate sheet is used for making DVD’s, golf cart windshields, polycarbonate roof panels, eye protection, ballistic resistant applications, eye protection, display cases, and so much more.

At Polymershapes, You’re the Center of All We Do! We offer expertise on what type of polycarbonate you need, proper ways of cutting polycarbonate, and the type of polycarbonate that you need for your application. We stock standard sizes of these types of polycarbonate plastic:  General Purpose, Sign, Multiwall, Abrasion Resistant, Aircraft, FDA, Flame Retardant, Graphic, High Optic, and Machine Grade polycarbonate.