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Extruded Nylon

Extruded NylonThe qualities of Nylon such as toughness, wear resistance, and tensile strength are the reason that it is widely used for machined parts. When considering Extruded Nylon over Cast Nylon for these parts, extruded is sometimes preferred when you need an extended cycle is preferred over the size of the part. Nylatron is a brand of nylon that Polymershapes carries. Made by Quadrant, Nylatron offers a fantastic wear resistance and higher strength than unfilled nylon.

Natural Extruded Nylon grade, like cast Nylon grade, are FDA, USDA and 3A-Dairy Compliant. Extruded Nylon is generally preferred over cast nylon grade, because of its affordable cost, and it holds up nicely during fabrication and is easier to manufacture in extended cycles. Extruded Nylon was among the first engineering resins created and it has been used for decades in the electronic, marine and automotive industries. Carpeting fibers can also be made of extruded nylon fibers.

Engineers usually consider using either Cast Nylon or Extruded Nylon for certain applications. The extruded variety is a nice replacement for metal parts as it has good temperature, chemical and impact properties. It is also sometime preferred in self-lubricating circumstances.

When considering Extruded Nylon vs Cast Nylon, cast nylon tends to be preferred over extruded nylon when moisture is present as it is prone to absorb moisture, which changes its dimensional stability.

Polymershapes stocks extruded varieties of nylon in various shapes. If you would like to discuss using this type of nylon for your application, please give us a call at 1 (866) 437-7427 , or inquire via our company contact form. Polymershapes has over 70 locations across the Americas, Canada and Mexico. Use our Branch Locator to find locations near you. 

Learn more about other grades of Nylon that we carry including Cast Nylon, Oil Filled and other types. We consistently deliver innovative solutions to delight our customers. At Polymershapes, You’re the Center of All We Do! Whatever you need are, we have you covered. We offer expert conversion capabilities including cut-to-size sheets, film reel conversion and CNC routing and machining.