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Foam PVC

Expanded Foam PVC from PolymershapesLightweight, foamed PVC / Foam PVC, or foam board, is expanded Poly Vinyl Chloride with qualities that make it resistant to both moisture and corrosion. It’s a bit more porous than traditional PVC. It is easily cut and is often used for mounting, backing for framing, and for making small objects and prototypes. Foam PVC is not easily glued or painted, however there are certain types of glue that will adhere to Foam PVC, such as self-adhesive foam boards.

PVC Foam board is suitable for outdoor use as it has an extremely low moisture absorption. It’s a lightweight, cousin of traditional PVC, a product that has a higher density than Foam PVC. It offers amazing flame resistance and great resistance to chemicals.

Sometimes Foam PVC is referred to as Foamcore board. This is largely because Monsanto Company created a 1/8-inch-thick white foam board with a 3/16 thickness for graphics industries and trademarked its name as Fome-Cor® in 1957.

PVC Foam comes in a variety of colors making it a perfect solution for certain pop up displays and marketing displays as well as signage applications, especially those that require dimensional lettering. Polymershapes stocks the following colors in PVC foam: White, Black, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Dark Green, Light Green, Dark Red, Bright Yellow and Dark Blue.

We stock the following sizes and thickness dimensions PVC Foam sheet ready to ship:

Sheet Dimensions: 48″ x 96″, 48″ x 120″, 60″ x  120″
Thickness: 0.118″, 0.236″, 0.512″, 0.748″, 0.983″

In addition to PVC Foam, Polymershapes offers same day delivery in some locations when ordering Polycarbonate Sheet, PVC Acrylic, High Impact Polystyrene, and UHMW. You can find out more information on PVC Foam, or Expanded Foam PVC. Our customer service department is ready to take your support questions regarding using this expanded poly vinyl chloride.