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HDPE Sheets

HDPE SheetsHDPE Sheets are very easy to work with and manufacture with. They offer a great deal of engineering performance and are used in nearly, almost every industry or application that you could think of. HDPE sheets have been used in various products that are created for everything from armored vehicles to electric signs to wear strips to tank construction. It’s highly versatile in its uses. In fact, High Density Polyethylene material is what most all plastic bags, plastic bottles and milk jugs are comprised of. It’s one of the most widely used materials used in post-consumer product manufacturing.

Polymershapes stocks HDPE sheets in natural and black colors. We offer the standard HDPE sheet sizes with dimensions 24” x 68” to 60” x 120” available. These are the standard Polymershapes stocking sizes. Custom sizes can be cut to your desired request. Your local Polymershapes branch can provide you with a quote and additional information. Select the nearest Polymershapes, and we’ll take care of the rest.

HDPE Sheets can be ordered in general purpose grade or cutting board grade. Smooth and pebbled are the 2 types of textures that can be selected. HDPE sheets meet the ASTM/Mil-Spec military defense specifications, Food and Drug Administration FDA standards, NSF standard, the UL-94 standard for safety of flammability of plastic material standards, and the United States Department of Agriculture standards for food and beverage containers. In fact, using HDPE pipes contributes to LEED credits if you are using LEED certified standards for building.

High Density Polyethylene, of which HDPE sheets are made of, is a polyethylene thermoplastic that is generated from petroleum. Frequently in the piping industry, it is referred to as alkathene. Others refer to it as polyethylene high-density and abbreviate it as PEHD. Polymershapes stocks HDPE sheets and can easily deliver these very soon after your order is placed. Some locations enjoy same day delivery time on certain products. Our rates on HDPE sheets are very competitive. Inquire here for a quote, or simply call the location nearest to you. If they do not have what you need, they will be able to ensure a fast delivery of HPDE sheets from a location close by.

Polymershapes offers fabrication of HDPE sheets. After your product has been moved from the floor, you likely will need it to be fabricated in some way. We can help you with all of those needs related to precision machining, thermoforming and molding.

HDPE sheets and products made from this material can be recycled. High Density Polyethylene gives off no toxic fumes to the environment making it one of the most stable plastics. If you have questions about HDPE sheets and a recycling program for your company, Polymershapes Recycling would be happy to help you with strategies and information.