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Oversized Efficient Versatile

Polymershapes Hicksville is excited to announce the addition of our new Multicam 5000 Series Router!

This advanced machine is designed to enhance speed, precision, and efficiency for all your cutting needs.

Key Features

  • Oversized Bed
  • Dual Head Capacity
  • High-Speed Cutting
  • Unmatched Precision
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Versatile Applications
  • Enhanced Productivity

3 Important Benefits For You

With the Multicam 5000 Series Router’s high-speed cutting capability of 1,800 inches per minute (IPM) and dual head functionality, your projects are completed much faster. This means reduced wait times and faster delivery of your orders, helping you meet tight deadlines and keep your production schedule on track.

The router’s exceptional repeatability of 1/100th of an inch ensures that every cut is precise and consistent. This high level of accuracy means you can rely on us to produce parts and components that meet your exact specifications, reducing errors and the need for rework, thus saving you time and costs.

The advanced features of the Multicam 5000 series Router, including its oversized bed and dual head, allow for more efficient processing of large and complex projects. This increased efficiency leads to lower operational costs and allows us to offer competitive pricing, ultimately providing you with cost-effective solutions for your cutting needs.

Why Choose Polymershapes Hicksville?

Our routing capabilities are unmatched. With the latest in router technology, we ensure top-notch services and exceptional results for our clients. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering high-quality, efficient, and reliable solutions tailored to the unique needs of your projects.

Speak with one of our experts to find out how our new router can meet your needs.

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