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High Density Polyethylene Sheet

High Density Polyethylene SheetHigh Density Polyethylene Sheet is considered the world’s most widely used plastic sheeting material. Polycarbonate and plexiglass sheeting are becoming more and more discussed, and each of these thermoplastics have their own benefits as a replacement material, however High Density Polyethylene sheeting is absolutely the most widely used plastic sheeting.

Children’s toys, construction hard hats, and plastic wear strips are all items that are commonly constructed of HDPE sheeting. High Density Polyethylene sheet can be ordered in two types and two different grades. One specific type, Smooth High Density Polyethylene sheet is commonly used in food applications as it has been FDA approved, and you’ll find it used for boarding (such as puckboard or hockey board) as well as body boards that emergency medical services use when transporting a person. You’ll also find it used for boating seats, flooring, counter tops, cabinetry material, chemical resistant piping systems and chemical containers and so much more. Pebbled HDPE, or Textured High Density Polyethylene is another type of HDPE sheeting material. This type is commonly referred to as cutting board material because of its texture. This type of High Density Polyethylene Sheet has a pebbled surface that resists corrosion from acids and other food enzymes.

HDPE sheeting is an ultra-strong semi-crystalline thermoplastic material. It is extremely resistant to weathering and corrosion from water, chemicals, solvents, acids, cleaning agents, and a host of other types of agents that cause other plastics to breakdown.

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