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High Impact Polymer

high impact polystyreneHigh Impact Polystyrene is a high impact polymer that is FDA compliant for use in food processing and related industries in its natural (translucent white) state. This copolymer plastic is also commonly abbreviated as HIPS.

HIPS Material (High Impact Polystyrene) is essentially polystyrene combined with a copolymer to make the material more impact resistant. Ever heard of Styrofoam? Styrofoam, is a foamed polystyrene (closed-cell extruded) that is a trademark of The Dow Chemical Company. It is in the same family of plastics as High Impact Polymer, High Impact Polystyrene.

Even though it offers more impact resistances than the monopolymer It is typically used to make commercialized packaging; however, it can be utilized in applications that require an affordable, budget friendly solution. Being a cheaper solution than other high strength polymers is one reason it is commonly used to make sample models prior to mass production. High Impact Polymer, HIPS Material can also be assembled with mechanical fasteners, solvents or adhesives.

High Impact Clear Polystyrene plastic is a tough plastic material that can be thermoformed and fabricated. This type of HIPS material is commonly used for signs and retail displays. Polystrene (PS) monomer that is rather brittle and is not as impact resistant as the High Impact Polymer, High Impact Polystyrene. It can also be used in the printing and graphic arts industries. High Impact Polymer can be screen, litho and digital printed. It also can be used as a substrate to mount graphics such as plotter vinyl’s and films.

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