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Manchester Plastics

Manchester, New Hampshire was known by many names – Old Harry’s Town, Tyngstown and Derrysfield. But in 1807, a man named Samuel Blodget established a canal and lock system to allow boats and other vessels passage around the Amoskeag Falls. This canal would attach to a network that was developing to link from the area to Boston. Blodget envisioned that a great industrial center would develop from the use of this canal, something akin to Manchester, England, which was – at the time – at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution.

Today, Manchester’s metropolitan area has one of the fastest growing economies in New England. The city no longer depends on textiles and industry, as it’s diversified to healthcare, energy, finance and education.  The largest employers in Manchester are Elliot Hospital, Catholic Medical Center, Southern New Hampshire University, Eversource Energy, Fairport Communications, TD Bank, Citizens Bank, Saint Anselm College and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Manchester Plastics Provider

Polymershapes has a facility in the city and is proud to be a trusted provider of Manchester plastics. No matter the industry – from healthcare to finance – Polymershapes has engineered solutions to increase effectiveness, minimize costs and revolutionize modern services.

Medical Packaging

When it comes to medicinal products, medical packaging is a precise science. There is no room for compromise when it comes to the safe production and packaging of life saving medications. At Polymershapes, we offer plastics that fully meet all medical packaging requirements and are ideally suited for the rigorous processes and standards necessary to produce clean and sterile packaging.

Plastics are a leading material in the construction of tray lids, pouches, vials, diagnostic kits and more. Plastic’s inherent chemical resistance makes it an ideal material for packaging and protecting medications. And the helpful personnel at Polymershapes can help you choose the best plastics to be used for multiple product profiles, including sharp and blunt components, delicate instruments and devices requiring porosity protection.


When it comes to banking institutions, it’s important to protect your assets – both financial and human. Our line of Insulgard Security Products offers multi-tiered and versatile products to offer superior protection to your employees and occupants, while also acting as a deterrent to thieves. From transaction windows and speak-thru devices to glazing materials and opaque armor, we stock the bullet/blast/wind proof materials to keep your investments safe.

When it comes to providing exceptional Manchester plastics for a variety of industries, Polymershapes is up to the challenge.