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News Update: Current Trends with Plastic Distributors

The market for plastic sheets has shifted dramatically in 2020. In fact, plastic sheet distributors have been at the forefront of helping healthcare facilities, businesses, and various other organizations keep workers and visitors safe throughout the many challenges that have arisen over the past several months. 

News Update - Current Trends with Plastic Distributors

This also means that plastic sheet suppliers and those that are in the market for plastic sheets should be aware of these changes. A full understanding of the issues and trends affecting the industry can help you more effectively manage material orders and content support. Here are some recent headlines making a major impact on the industry. 

How COVID-19 Is Changing the Plastic Industry

Plastic sheet distributors perform an essential service, especially during a global pandemic. During this time, plastic sheets have been used as sneeze guards in medical facilities and essential businesses. And plastic face shields for employers have also helped companies keep their employees safe when they cannot stay behind a static barrier. So operations have continued at facilities throughout the globe. 

However, plastic sheet suppliers still have to contend with the challenges of operating during a health crisis. Major trade shows and industry events where essential knowledge is shared have been cancelled. Some workers are attempting to work efficiently from home. And others are having to spread out and perform essential functions while separated from other team members.  

So what does this mean for plastic sheet distributors and their customers? Many have had to prioritize essential work like barriers and intubation boxes for medical facilities. This allows them to more efficiently get those important items out to those who need them most. 

Demand Outpaces Supply

But of course, medical facilities aren’t the only ones looking for plastic sheets to use as sneeze guards and safety barriers. Since early spring, various retailers and other businesses have been ordering these products to improve social distancing and safety conditions at their facilities. Specifically, essential businesses like grocery stores, carryout restaurants, hardware stores, and big box retailers began setting up barriers while remaining open. And more recently, other businesses have begun setting up these barriers as they’ve been allowed to gradually reopen in states around the country. 

These barriers can easily be hung from the ceiling, installed with a few screws, or even set on a countertop. They allow workers and customers to easily communicate and complete transactions while still maintaining some physical separation. And the barriers can be cleaned and sanitized regularly to improve safety conditions at these facilities. 

Overall, these materials help businesses and organizations remain safely open without majorly disrupting operations. However, this also means that plastic sheet suppliers are dealing with dramatically increased demand in a short period of time. This dramatic increase means that suppliers are working quickly to deliver these essential products and services to as many customers as possible. However, unlike situations where demand increases over time, they don’t all necessarily have the bandwidth to process such a huge amount of orders as quickly as they would ultimately like to.

For plastic sheet suppliers and their customers, this means that some patience may be required. However, looking for distributors that have large inventory and locations throughout the country may help customers receive the plastic sheets they need as quickly as possible. This setup allows them to more efficiently serve customers that are located nearby, while still providing the quality materials necessary to improve safety conditions. 

The Booming Market for Plexiglass

Plexiglass specifically has been at the forefront of the booming plastics industry in 2020. This material is particularly well suited for this new normal of doing business through physical barriers. It’s completely clear to allow for full visibility and easy communication between essential workers and customers, while still providing physical separation. It’s also lightweight and durable. So it’s easy for companies and workers to install these barriers quickly. 

Even beyond the initial boom of installing sneeze guards at grocery check out lines and over reception areas at medical facilities, plexiglass is becoming more common in a variety of environments. Waiting areas are installing plexiglass barriers between seats. Offices are using them to separate cubicles and various working zones. Some facilities that have workers that need to move around have even started using plastic face shields as a form of protection. And organizations are coming up with new uses for this versatile material seemingly every day. 

So for plastic sheet distributors and their customers, this means that plexiglass is one of the most in demand items for these uses. If you’re looking for clear plastic partitions to improve safety and sanitation conditions around your business or facility, you’re not alone. Though the demand is high, plastic sheet suppliers understand the importance of these materials. And they’re working hard to get solutions out to those who need them as quickly as possible. Again, working with large distributors that have locations around the country may help you get the necessary materials when you need them. Ultimately, plexiglass is the perfect material for these purposes. So patience throughout the process is likely to be worth it in the end. 

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