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Cut-to-Size Plastics

Let Polymershapes bring efficiency to your operation with our cut-to-size services! From plastic sheets, to plastic rod, even film conversion services, the Polymershapes network offers these valuable services to help you maximize your business. 

Cut-to-Size Plastic Sheet

Rarely are full-size plastic sheets used as-is. Polymershapes can save you time and money by providing you with a custom cut of the size you need. From one sheet to several hundred, each Polymershapes location is happy to provide plastic cutting services, so you can get the exact width or length you need, quickly and easily. With tight tolerances, and cutting-edge equipment, we can maximize the yield of your cut sheets to reduce waste and cost. Edge finishing services are also available.

Reel Cutting

For extended lengths of acrylic and polycarbonate, Polymershapes offers reel cutting services. Straight from master reels, in a variety of gauges, we can quickly custom-cut acrylic and polycarbonate to the length you need, and ship flat or rolled to your specification.

Cut-to-Size Plastic Rod

Polymershapes can also provide cut to size plastic rod to meet your exact specifications. Save time, and order just what you need!

Film Sheeting

Rolls of film can be cut to custom sheet sizes in any of our film conversion centers. Sheets can be further trimmed and squared on a guillotine for precise tolerances. Interleaving services are offered to separate sheets with thin tissue paper. Sheeted film materials are then conveniently shrink packaged for customers!

Trimmed and Squared Plastic Sheets

Material can be guillotine cut on all four sides to ensure it is trimmed and squared to your specifications. Materials typically cut on a guillotine include: LEXAN™ polycarbonate (<.060″), polyester film, vinyl film, styrene  (<.060”), PETG, acrylic film, foam boards and fluted polypropylene.

Film Slitting

Master rolls of film can be cut down to smaller rolls (slitting). Rolls can be narrower in width and/or shorter in length.